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AC Slater’s brand new album Hi8 is an engaging and fun listening experience that gives us a glance at how his career has evolved.

AC Slater is a godfather of bass house who has had a long and successful career filled to the brim with tracks that have left a lasting impact on the scene. His brand new album Hi8, shows listeners that no matter how the scene changes, he can adapt and still create energetic pieces that flow together in one astounding project.

AC Slater has been in the game for over 10 years at this point and truly cemented himself as he spearheaded the bass house movement with his remix of “Turn The Music Up“. Since then, AC Slater has formed his Night Bass label which has brought on a roster of new house stars, continued to release music, and hit up clubs and festivals on tour. Now he has gifted us with his second album, Hi8.

Stream or purchase Hi8 on your favorite platform, and read on for some of my favorite tracks on the album!

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This 12-track album encompasses AC Slater’s journey over the lengthy amount of time he has been in the scene.

The inspiration for the album name Hi8 came from AC Slater’s personal collection of Hi8 recording tapes that he still has around. The visual components of the album are direct cuts of his from his younger years. Additionally, he stated that watching these Hi8 tapes allowed him to reflect on his journey that he has had in the 10 years and how it led him to where he is at today.

With such a meaningful message behind the album, AC Slater came together with the likes of producers and vocalists such as Chris Lorenzo, Murkage Dave, Jack Beats, Young Lyxx, Kaleena Zanders, and more to create some of his best work yet.

From the second track onward, Hi8 keeps you bouncing in your seat as you listen!

Track one is an Intro track with Dread MC that is mellow, but meaningful. The second track, “Bad Behavior” gives you that trademark AC Slater sound and energy. It’s a collaborative effort between himself and house heavyweight Chris Lorenzo and is quite a bouncy one. With some catchy vocals paired up with both parties’ stellar productions, it’s easily one of my favorite tracks on the album.

The next tune that I loved was track number three, “Final Fantasy” featuring vocals from the very talented Kaleena Zanders. It’s a sultry house tune and Zanders’ vocals truly shine on this one. It instantly reminded me of something I would hear in a house DJ set that would set the dance floor ablaze instantly!

“Laid Off” is AC Slater at his best!

The middle point of the album is where things kick into high gear. Track number six, “Laid Off” shows us that AC Slater can still bring the funk and groove with his distinguished style of bass house. The way this song flows together is unparalleled. The catchy melody paired with the hi-hats in the beginning effortlessly flow together with the vocal chops that AC Slater used. This all leads up to an amazing drop that I can only describe as downright groovy. Whatever he did in this one truly stood out and I’m sure this will be heavy in rotation in DJs sets moving forward.

The following track, “Attitude” is a G-House heater. It features fellow Night Bass artist Taiki Nulight and various vocal samples from popular hip-hop songs. There’s something about Taiki Nulight’s signature sound paired with AC Slater’s that delivers yet one more astounding track off the album.

“Complete Control” shows AC Slater’s versatility as a producer.

One of my final favorite cuts off of Hi8 is “Complete Control“. It’s unlike any AC Slater song I have heard before and that’s why I enjoy this track so thoroughly. It shows how versatile he is as a producer and showcases a much different sound from him. It’s heavier, fuller and probably sounds unbelievably good on a top-notch club system. AC Slater still brings everything together on this one with his great use of vocal samples making it an enjoyable listening experience for everyone.

Overall, I had a blast listening through to Hi8.

Each track has it’s own energy and sound, which is wonderful to hear. You get a varied range of songs and AC Slater made all twelve of these tracks count. It’s clear why he has reigned supreme in the ten years that he has been around and we cannot wait to hear what’s next for him!

Hi8 Cover - AC Slater

AC Slater – Hi8 – Tracklist:

  1. Hi8 (Intro) (feat. Dread MC)
  2. Bad Behavior (feat. Chris Lorenzo)
  3. Final Fantasy (feat. Kaleena Zanders)
  4. “Ready To Pop Off (feat. Young Lyxx)
  5. Feeling Awake (feat. Gaby Feldman)
  6. Laid Off
  7. Attitude (feat. Taiki Nulight)
  8. Boss Like That (feat. Jack Beats, Sinden & Flowdan)
  9. Complete Control
  10. To The Top (feat. Jay Robinson)
  11. Every Pigeon Is A Dove (feat. Murkage Dave)
  12. Give Love (feat. Petey Clicks)

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