Alec Rubman

Alec Rubman shares some of the memories he’s made in the scene, who he’s listening to, his favorite festival, and more!

Name: Alec Rubman
Rave Name: None (but open to ideas)
Age: 21
Hometown: Morristown, NJ
Current City: Washington, D.C.
Occupation: EDM Identity Team Member/College Student
Facebook: Alec Rubman

Twitter: @rubberduckyy24
Instagram: @alecrubman

What was your first electronic music event?

Flume at Terminal 5 in New York City on his first North American Tour in July 2014. He fired Pokemon cards out of the air cannons which 15-year-old me thought was the coolest thing ever. 21-year-old me agrees.

What/who influenced you to attend your first event?

My friend Josh took me to my first concert but I would say that my friend Mike, who convinced me to go to Moonrise, was the most influential. He makes amazing dubstep and would always ask me to listen to his tracks to give some advice. Listening to his music got me back into listening to some more mainstream artists and from there I just went kinda crazy with it!

What is one moment from an event that was special and why?

Being on the rail for Excision’s closing set at Moonrise 2018. It was my first festival in 4 years and being able to watch him chop it up from the perfect spot re-ignited my love of heavy dubstep which got me back into Subtronics, 12th Planet and more artists than I could possibly name. I met so many cool fans as well, and it really showed me that people in this community are truly special. I think of it as the turning point of my EDM fandom, the moment that solidified how much I love this scene and all the various people involved with it.

Alec Rubman

What is your favorite festival or event?

Even though I’ve only been once, I gotta go with Electric Forest. Aside from the STACKED lineup year after year, the festival itself is so well run and everyone from the artists to the fans to the police officers are so invested in making it such a special environment. There’s also so much to do and see in the Forest, it’s pretty much Disneyland for EDM fans!

What is your favorite electronic song and why?

“Jetpacks” by Liquid Stranger. He does such a good job of mixing his liquid spacey bass with VernKnows’ heavy rhythmic rapping. Throughout the drop, he gets really crazy with it but keeps it super high energy with buzzy bass and laser-like synth lines over the top. Whenever I need a quick boost, whether that’s at the gym or at a party, I can throw on “Jetpacks”. It just gets me going.

Who are your favorite artists?

Bassnectar, Ganja White Night, Subtronics, Liquid Stranger, Minnesota, LSDream, Space Jesus, Excision, 12th Planet, Griz, Kompany, Wooli, Tynan, and a bunch more. As I keep going to more shows and festivals I’m sure that list is gonna keep growing.

Alec Rubman

What are your favorite genres?

It’s kind of all over the place but I would say heavy dubstep and space bass are my two favorites.

What do you feel your “Identity” is in the electronic music community?

Compared to a lot of my friends I’m still really new to festivals and the scene in general. I think that I bring a lot of optimism, energy, and happiness to shows especially when I’m seeing artists I’ve never seen or I’m in a new environment like Electric Forest where there’s so much to soak in.

I love to look for the things that others might not notice and share them with the rest of the community, whether that’s an interaction between two people in the crowd or an especially cool visual effect in a DJ’s set. I try to be as open-minded as I can and say yes to everything, there’s always so much to experience. I’m always along for the ride.

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself for the readers?

Feel free to check out some of my photography! Also if anyone else is into Kendama I’m just starting out and looking to learn more. Hit me up!

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