Good Times Ahead Team Up with Flosstradamus on “Waffle House”

Good Times Ahead
Photo Credit: Jasmine Safaeian

Good Times Ahead steps forward with a rebrand and a new tune off their upcoming album Good Times Bad Times at HARD Summer, “Waffle House”.

In life, change is inevitable and also comes as a byproduct natural growth. It’s common for artists who have been in the scene for a fair amount of time to go through some form of change themselves. Whether it be a full rebranding, a different style of music they are releasing, or a combination of both it’s bound to happen at some point. For Good Times Ahead, formally known as GTA, they are tackling both and commemorating it with their new release “Waffle House” a single from their upcoming album Good Times Bad Times at Hard Summer.

Good Times Ahead were one of the first artists I ever listened to in the dance music scene. In fact, I saw them at my second festival HARD Day of the Dead back in 2014. Now, the duo opens up a new chapter in their careers as they’ve changed their name to Good Times Ahead and created a new record label as well called Good Times / Bad Times Records under the Insomniac Music Group. From the songs we have heard off their new album so far, it seems they are changing their sound as well and going towards a more sultry and smooth house type of vibe as well.

Take a listen to the “Waffle House” below, download or stream it on your favorite platform, and let us know what you think of Good Times Ahead’s new sound and rebranding in the comments!

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“Waffle House” is unlike a Good Times Ahead and Flosstradamus song that you have ever heard, in the best way possible!

Both Flosstradamus and Good Times Ahead are known for their heavy trap music. In fact, back in 2015, the two collaborated on “Prison Riot” which remains as one of the biggest trap songs to date. Keeping that in mind, I actually was happily surprised when I turned on “Waffle House” and found it to be a feel-good house tune.

An ode to the famous restaurant “Waffle House”, the tune has a prominent vocal running through it and wastes no time and drops straight into it, about thirty seconds in. There’s also a drawn-out fire siren heard through the tune that gives it a bit of character as well! Overall, this is something different from both artists involved and I’m loving every minute of it!

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