ODESZA Summers Gone Album Cover
ODESZA Summers Gone Album Cover

In honor of ODESZA’s announcement of their final “A Moment Apart” tour date, let’s take it back to 2012 with one of their debut hits, “IPlayYouListen”.

I first saw ODESZA live at Outside Lands in 2015 and can still distinctly remember the feeling of goosebumps on my arms when I first heard their enthralling track, “IPlayYouListen”. At the end of the night, I scoured their profile on SoundCloud until I discovered the track’s name, listening to it on repeat as I fell asleep.

Electronically synthesizing classical instruments and drawing inspiration from their natural surroundings, ODESZA forges a truly unique sound that I deeply admire. I can listen to them for hours on end, but what makes “IPlayYouListen” stand out to me, in particular, is how it captivates you from start to finish. From the gentle, melodic piano chords in the introduction to the mesmerizing vocals and eclectic sounds, this track leaves me feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Even after countless plays, every time I listen to “IPlayYouListen” I find myself being taken on an uplifting musical journey.

“IPlayYouListen” was released back in September of 2012 on ODESZA’s debut album, Summer’s Gone. Countless tracks of theirs have topped the charts since then and watching this dynamic duo progress has been an absolute pleasure. More recently, they debuted an awe-inspiring live edit of “IPlayYouListen” as well. Integrating their iconic drum line and horn section into the original track, the progression of sound captures your emotions with an extra sense of empowerment.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing ODESZA live over ten times now, and every time they drop “IPlayYouListen” it takes me back on a nostalgic journey to when I first came across this track all those years ago. Their sounds may have evolved since 2012, but for this reason, this track will always hold a special place in my heart!

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