Lightning In A Bottle Announces 2019 Learning & Culture Lineup

Lightning in a Bottle
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Transform your experience at Lightning in a Bottle and look into this year’s lineup for Learning & Culture at The Compass! 

There is no doubt the music at Lightning in Bottle fuels a large part of the experience, but diving deeper into the educational aspects can provide enriching, nourishing perspectives you didn’t know you needed. The Compass is the educational heart of Lightning in a Bottle and will host a variety of speakers and workshops over the weekend.

Their mission is to create experiences that carry themselves beyond the festival. Reflecting on my first LiB this is the reason I fell in love with the festival. I was glowing with gratitude from all the impactful words I heard from speakers and workshops. Take a break from the music and be sure to immerse yourself in all aspects that make Lightning in a Bottle so beautiful.

As Lightning in a Bottle opens a new chapter embodying the new 6 Ways of LiB: Celebrate Life, Create Community, Respect Yourself And One Another, Actively Participate, Honor The Land, and Be A Citizen there will be no better place to put them into practice than The Compass. Speakers include author and scientist Dr. Vindana Shiva and Mycologist Paul Stamets and workshops will range from Daily Water Blessings and Sunset Fire Gratitudes to Sound Healing and Self Love Rituals For Women.

Looking for the music lineups? Check out our posts covering the first phase and second phase of artist announcements and don’t forget to grab your tickets soon!

Lightning in a Bottle 2019 – Learning & Culture at the Compass Lineup:

Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Learning and Culture Lineup

Lightning in a Bottle 2019 – Learning & Culture at The Compass

Featured Speakers
  • Dr. Vandana Shiva (Author, Scientist, Warrior, Mother)
  • Paul Stamets (Radical Mycologist)
  • Kevin Powell (Voice of the New Masculine)
  • Climbing Poetree (Revolutionary Performance and Visionary Activism)
  • Pat McCabe, Desirae Harp, & Niria Alicia (Indigenous Frontline Activism)
  • Ayana Young (For The Wild)
  • Roger McNamee (From Facebook’s Founding Mentor to Outspoken Critic)
  • Jai Dev Singh (Kundalini Activation)
  • Isis Indriya & Eve Bradford (Art of Ritual)
  • JJ Hurtak (Author of The Keys of Enoch)
Talks & Discussions
  • Psychadelic State of the Union II: A Psychedlic New Deal
  • Regenerative Culture & Wildlife Awareness
  • Awakening The Extra Terrestrial Consciousness
  • Minimalism for Maximalists
  • Lightwork for Black Lives: Spiritual Justice Ceremony
  • Cultivating Erotic Intelligence
  • Empathic Readings as Participatory Performance Art
  • Modern Keepers of Ancient Ways


  • Daily Morning Water Blessings and Sunset Fire Gratitudes
  • Sound Healing Journey
  • Ritual Theater
  • Traditional Persian, Hip-Hop & House Dance
  • Self Love Rituals for Women
  • Plant Medicines & Alchemy
  • Ancestral Arts
  • Vedic & Archetypal Astrology
  • Indigenous Prophecies for the Modern Age
  • Archetypal Qigong

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