Dillon Nathaniel Drops Scorching “Too Sexy” on Big Beat

Dillon Nathaniel

House music sensation Dillon Nathaniel is bringing the heat to the dance floor with his brand new track “Too Sexy,” out today on Big Beat. 

There’s no denying it–house and techno are having a moment right now. And one of the genre’s hottest rising stars is Dillon Nathaniel, who has quickly become known for his insanely tight productions that have caught the ears of the industry’s biggest names and fans alike. Today, he displays his sonic prowess to the masses with the release of his five-track Pressure EP, and we are thrilled to premiere the unstoppable “Too Sexy” in support.

The track is deceptive in its apparent simplicity–at first listen, it’s clearly a solid dancefloor weapon with a catchy bassline and a vocal hook that will be bouncing around in your head for hours. But the real magic is in the expertly fused layers of sounds. Driving the track forward with that heavily textured bassline, Dillon Nathaniel takes it over the top by melding and bending the vocal sample for a result that is absolutely hypnotic while twisting together elements of house, techno, and bass in spectacular fashion.

But don’t let us tell you how it is–grab a pair of headphones and take a journey down the rabbit hole. Check out our exclusive premiere of “Too Sexy” below and read on for some insight from Dillon Nathaniel on what the Pressure EP is all about.

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“This EP is dedicated to those who overcome all of life’s obstacles. When the music hits the pressure of life fades away. The everyday struggles of life can be too much to bear. Everyday we’re faced with challenges and we have to make a choice; do we let the negativity of the world affect the way we see it, or do we count our blessings? Learning to live with the pressures from our past, present and future is to live with peace of mind.”

– Dillon Nathaniel

Dillon Nathaniel – Pressure EP Tracklist:

  1. Werk That
  2. Too Sexy
  3. Red Trolley
  4. Try It Out
  5. Pressure

Dillon Nathaniel Pressure EP

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