Let’s turn back the clock to 2011 with Kaskade’s infectious track from the Fire & Ice album, “Eyes”!

Ah, 2011. The year we bid The Oprah Winfrey Show and Harry Potter farewell, witnessed Charlie Sheen’s meltdown and successive firing from Two And A Half Men, and obsessed over Adele and Bridesmaids. Anne Hathaway and James Franco made us cringe as they hosted the Oscars and Beyonce broke the internet when she announced that she and Jay-Z were expecting their first child. Amidst all of this chaos and excitement, 2011 was also the year Kaskade released his seventh studio album Fire & Ice.

A two-disc offering, Fire & Ice appealed to every type of Kaskade fan out there with the uptempo Fire and downtempo Ice sides coming together and pushing all who listened into a bliss-like state. The album itself featured a number of tracks that still get played out consistently to this day including “Lessons in Love,” “Turn It Down,” and “Room For Happiness”. My favorite, however, was and continues to be “Eyes” featuring Mindy Gledhill.

To be honest, I’m not sure what it was about this song off the album that sparked my initial attraction to it. Perhaps it was that “Eyes” was the first Kaskade song I’d ever been introduced to, but more than likely it was because I had a crush on the person doing the introducing at the time.

Regardless of the origin story, “Eyes” remains one of my favorite electronic tracks of all time and one of my most-streamed on Spotify. Kaskade’s production works around Mindy Gledhill’s mesmerizing vocals expertly and the drop gives us that perfect progressive house feel that you can’t help but shuffle to. With its upbeat synths and melody that is truly reminiscent of classic EDM at the time, “Eyes” is a track that will continue to get played out for years to come. Watch the video for the track below and let us know which tune you resonated most with in the comments below!

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