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Dutch video game publisher SOEDESCO has announced their partnership with Monstercat to provide the soundtrack for their upcoming racing game, Xenon Racer.

Slated for release on March 26, the hype behind SOEDESCO‘s upcoming video game Xenon Racer is already beginning to build. A futuristic arcade-style racing game that is set in the year 2030 where flying cars are common, players will drift through future versions of modern cities like Dubai and Tokyo as they vie for first place in breakneck races spanning a variety of locales. Adding to the fun is the announcement that renowned label Monstercat will be delivering the tunes for the official soundtrack, making this is a game one that you are going to want to check out!

The adrenaline-fueled racer is developed by 3DClouds and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Players will experience a racing experience like none other while they are treated to cutting edge glitch-hop, dubstep, house, and electro-inspired tracks produced by artists on the Monstercat label.

Featuring 20 tracks in total, the soundtrack includes artists such as Noisestorm, Pegboard Nerds, Rootkit, Tokyo Machine, and Droptek. While we patiently await the release of the game, you can get a taste of the soundtrack with Monstercat’s YouTube Playlist.

Stream the Xenon Racer Soundtrack playlist on YouTube:

The Head of Gaming at Monstercat, Gavin Johnson gives his thoughts about showcasing music in the game…

At Monstercat, we are always looking to empower new games created by passionate developers to create new stages for our artists. With the launch of Xenon Racer, we are looking forward to helping fuel the races with our talented artist’s music.”

Bas de Jonge, Marketing Manager at SOEDESCO, is equally thrilled….

“We’re stoked to have Monstercat music in Xenon Racer that fits so well with the futuristic arcade look and feel of the game. We’re happy to be able to provide talented artists with an opportunity to bring their music to racing fans worldwide, especially with a label that’s so active in the gaming scene.”

Xenon Racer Soundtrack – Tracklist:

  1. Nanobii – Bubble Beam
  2. FWLR – How We Win
  3. Rameses B – Nova
  4. Rameses B – Virtuality
  5. Flite – We Are One
  6. Droptek – Mimic
  7. Melano – Don’t Fight It
  8. Noisestorm – Leaving Now
  9. Bossfight & Falcon Funk – Comeback
  10. Tokyo Machine – BUBBLES
  11. Grant – Starship
  12. Tokyo Machine – BLAST
  13. Tokyo Machine – HYPE
  14. Pegboard Nerds & lug00ber – Bring Me Joy
  15. Melano – Traveller
  16. Rootkit – Elevate
  17. Varien – Transmission from Lemuria
  18. CloudNone – Spring Snow
  19. Aiobahn & Vin – If We Never
  20. Richard Caddock – Glow

Before you go, check out Monstercat’s “Call of The Wild” series on Diplo’s Revolution on XM Satellite Radio! 

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