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After debuting the expressive tune at ABGT300 in Hong Kong, Above & Beyond have finally released “Flying by Candlelight” featuring Marty Longstaff.

Not long ago, international sensations (and the nicest guys in dance music) Above & Beyond announced that in the process of creating their most recent album, Common Ground, they wrote a number of tracks that never made it onto the album itself. Much to the delight of the ever-dedicated Anjuna family, the beloved trio announced that they would be releasing a set of companion EPs filled with those tunes, and the lead single from the first EP is none other than “Flying by Candlelight,” first debuted at Above & Beyond’s ABGT300 celebration in Hong Kong last fall.

“Flying by Candlelight” features the soaring, vulnerable vocals of British singer-songwriter Marty Longstaff, who fans will no doubt remember from his appearance on 2017’s “Tightrope.” Interestingly enough, Tony and Marty originally met at a songwriting workshop in 2015, and after hitting it off at the workshop, the group arranged for Longstaff to provide the vocals for “Flying by Candlelight” before eventually turning “Tightrope” into a single.

The release brings us three versions alongside a lyric video featuring some of the visuals from the ABGT300 celebrations. In the vein of many of the other tracks from Common Ground, the trio have produced a somewhat more downtempo cut of the track, the relaxed groove of which has its own undeniable charm, while also putting out the Club Mix that fans are no doubt familiar with from the milestone show.

“Flying By Candlelight is a love song about a saviour who rescues our protagonist from a dark, lonely place, taking him through a spectacular night sky. A bit like The Snowman by Raymond Briggs, but a bit longer lasting!”

– Above & Beyond

Check out “Flying by Candlelight” featuring Marty Longstaff below, and get ready for the release of the first Common Ground companion EP on March 29, which will also include “There’s Only You” featuring Zoë Johnston and “Distorted Truth.”

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