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Gladez continues to roll with some serious momentum into the new year with his brand new release, “Nightrider”!

There’s a new wave of bass music that is making its way into the ears of millions of listeners that’s aggressive, in-your-face, and provides an immense amount of shock value. Already infecting stages at events all over, while there isn’t a defined name for this style, there are clearly some pioneers who are pushing it forward. One of those artists is Gladez and he continues spreading his sound with his newest release on Never Say Die, “Nightrider”.

Hailing from Las Vegas, Gladez has been at the forefront of this new high-energy dubstep sound over the past year. In this short time, he has amassed thousandsĀ of followers on SoundCloud and even more monthly streams on Spotify while also collaborating with artists such as Party Thieves and Hekler.

In fact, it was his recent collab with Hekler, “404”, that helped propel him even further with its heavy sound and the immediate reaction to say “This song is crazy!” when hearing it live. “Nightrider” provides a similar listening experience and is showing signs that Gladez is an artist you’ll want to keep your ears tuned to in 2019!

Stream or download “Nightrider” on your favorite platform and read on for a full review of the track!

Listen to Gladez – Nightrider on Spotify:

Gladez sets the tone at the beginning of “Nightrider” with an eerie soundscape.

The song starts off with simple melodic elements and chord progressions alongside dark retro sounds. It adds to the whole “riding in the late night” element and reminds me of an old school video game in a certain way.

Then, “Nightrider” builds up the energy into the drop with vocals saying “hard like the kicks on my feet”. All chaos breaks loose in the drop in the best way possible. Gladez stuck to his signature sound and the drop is a whirring blur of heavy, sharp synths alongside massive drums and robotic sounds. “Nightrider” doesn’t stop at the first drop – the second drop is even crazier and will leave you thinking “Wow, what just happened?” as the song ends.

“Nightrider” is yet another hit for Gladez, and I can’t wait to see what he does with his sound in 2019!

Gladez - Nightrider


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