Golf Clap and Dillon Nathaniel Head to District Atlanta for Mind Control

Mind Control Golf Clap & Dillon Nathaniel

District Atlanta will host Golf Clap and Dillon Nathaniel for their Mind Control event series on January 11.

Since opening in May of last year, District Atlanta has been procuring a steady stream of dance music talent. Featuring both renowned artists and rising stars, on January 11, Liquified will continue that trend by hosting Golf Clap and Dillon Nathaniel for a night full of house music beats that you won’t want to miss.

Detroit-based duo Golf Clap are highly respected members of the house music scene and consistently take the stage at clubs and festivals across the United States. Aside from their infectious sets, their original releases and remixes are top-notch and have received love from tastemakers and booty shakers alike. Check out their take on Broods’ “Peach” or the upbeat re-imaging of Louis the Child and Wafia’s “Better Not”.

Atlanta will also welcome LA-based producer Dillon Nathaniel to the stage. Known for his quirky sound design and low-end grooves, has been on a steady rise through the ranks and started off the year strong with a release on mau5trap’s We Are Friends, Vol. 8 compilation.

Last year, both Golf Clap and Dillon Nathaniel came together to produce the three-track Machines EP, which was released on This Ain’t Bristol. Take a listen to the EP below, grab your tickets to the show, and get ready for a night of house grooves that will keep you dancing from start to finish.

Tickets are $10 for the show and can be purchased before 9pm ET on January 11 via Eventbrite.

Listen to Golf Clap & Dillon Nathaniel’s Machines EP on SoundCloud:

Mind Control: Golf Clap & Dillon Nathaniel at District – Essential Info:

Date: Friday, January 11, 2019
10 PM – 3 AM
Venue Address: 
269 Armour Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324
Tickets: Purchase HERE
Facebook Event Page: RSVP HERE

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