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Chris Lake at HARD Summer 2017 Photo Credit: HARD Events

The sun has set on 2018 but Chris Lake’s 2011 hit track “Sundown” that will never lose its magic!

Let’s time travel for the second time in one week, shall we? The dance music scene was quite a bit different back in the early part of this decade; long before Chris Lake emerged as the de facto exemplar of all things tech house, he was still an amazingly talented producer and well known for his more melodic house, progressive house, and trance productions.  While most of us can agree that the “new” Chris Lake is quite good, it’s quite revealing to listen some of his older tracks, like “Sundown”, as they can reveal a lot about the sound that you hear today.

Released in 2011 on Ultra Records, “Sundown” features the masterful production that we’ve come to know and love from Chris Lake but perhaps in a more nuanced manner.  The song starts with a simple guitar riff before building into a proper house groove (a groove that if it were a bit more present, could easily be found in a new Chris Lake track).

The driving pulse of the track pulls the listener onward, much like the lyrics suggest of one who listened to their heart and got burned; they still chose to watch the sun go down even though they were alone. The gorgeous vocals of Kate Elsworth perfectly accentuate the track and evoke resonant feelings and memories which create a unique experience for each listener.

While I find this track to be amazingly beautiful, it pains me knowing that the days when Chris Lake would perform it during a set have likely come and gone.  I will continue to hold out hope for that day, but in the meantime, I’m going to continue enjoying this track and all of the memories it surfaces.

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Chris Lake Sundown

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