Black Girl / White Girl Embrace Alien Psychedelia with ‘While Tripping’ EP

Black Girl / White Girl

Black Girl / White Girl are taking us to space again with their brand new While Tripping EP, out now on Psycho Disco!

2018 has been a hell of a year for Black Girl / White Girl. The trippy-as-all-get-out house and techno duo have been taking the scene by storm with a slew of top-notch releases on renowned labels such as Green Velvet’s own Relief, Desert Hearts, and most recently, Psycho Disco!, with their brand new While Tripping EP. With a firm commitment to staying true to their sound and a sound that is something like being abducted by aliens and taken to the world’s greatest space rave, Black Girl / White Girl have a unique talent for delivering dancefloor-exploding music, and this EP is absolutely no exception.

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The first track on While Tripping, “Crispy Tooth“, deploys the pair’s signature sound for a hypnotic tune that feels like it’s bending your perception around the corners of its otherworldly landscape. Its wonky groove coupled with an array of synth leaps and oscillations paints a trippy picture saturated in extraterrestrial colors. Meanwhile, “Rave Slang” turns up the heat with explosive builds, aggressive kicks, and what I can only assume is an alien spacecraft spluttering overhead for a track that’s about to burst at the seams with madness.

“Anytime we create music, we need it to sound like us. We just can’t be average and make dull tech house – it’s 100% about putting out fast, dark & weighty tracks that just crush any and every dancefloor. ‘Crispy Tooth’ and ‘Rave Slang’ are super techy and have those qualities. These are legit for our trippy nightcrawlers out there. Hope you dig ’em!”

– Black Girl / White Girl

Give the While Tripping EP a listen on Spotify below, stream it on your favorite platform, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Black Girl / White Girl – While Tripping EP Tracklist:

  1. Crispy Tooth
  2. Rave Slang

Black Girl / White Girl While Tripping EP

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