Theracords 10 Years
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On October 13, Theracords celebrated 10 years of releasing quality hardstyle tracks to the masses!

Earlier this month, premier hardstyle label Theracords celebrated their decennial anniversary in a big way. The label, headed by the talented Dj Thera, teamed up with Magic Festival and District East Events to present Magic Invites: 10 years of Theracords, the very first edition of the “Magic Invites” series. The label did not hold back as they provided a stacked line-up sure to quench any hardstyle lover’s appetite as it featured both the older Theracords classics as well as their newer sounds.

The night was of course headed by the founder himself, Dj Thera. Fans were in for a treat as the illustrious artist poured out classic hardstyle tracks along with a set played with Geck-o. Also featured was the rawstyle queen Deetox, Cellrock who recently returned to hardstyle, and up-and-comers Riot Shift and Retaliation. The showcase even featured acts from Theracords Labs, an innovative and experimental sub-label within the Theracords family.

Check out the Magic Invites – 10 Years Theracords Official After Movie:

So what’s the secret to standing the test of time in the ever-changing music world?

One of the many areas Therachord excels in is living and breathing their motto, “Music Produced from the Heart.” Dj Thera and his team are all about innovation and staying away from those cookie-cutter sounds and pride themselves in curating diverse and original tracks. They believe in quality over quantity and truly understand the breadth of techniques out there and encourage their artists to be true to themselves and their sound.

Theracords is bigger than just music. Anyone who knows the label knows they are a family of artists, not simply individuals creating sounds in a vacuum. It’s easy to tell that their artists love what they do because each performance is said to exude energy and enthusiasm! They also continue to hit major milestones, as they recently announced their 250th release. In true fashion, it had to be something amazing and that it is! After years away from the scene, Cellrock has returned and his latest album, New Life, is set to take that very special place.

Take a listen to the preview below and make sure to stay up to date with Theracords as they continue to bring the best of the best. We can’t wait to see what the label has in store for fans and hardstyle connoisseurs in the next ten years!

Watch Cellrock – New Life Album Preview via YouTube:

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