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Diggin in the Carts returns with Episode 3 and features famed video game producer Tommy Tallarico!

I’ve always loved that sweet spot where video game and electronic music meet, however, in the past finding tracks that traverse both planes was difficult. Enter Diggin in the Carts, a radio show that finds host Nick Dwyer featuring some of the hottest tracks in video game music (VGM) and bringing along special guest within the VGM world.

Diggin’ in the Carts (DITC) first premiered as a documentary series in 2014. The six-episode series focused on the men and women who created the music in some of the most famous and innovative games. This concept then evolved into a weekly radio series on Red Bull Radio show of the same name that launched in 2016. The first two seasons followed the primarily Japanese video game music, composers and technology behind the 8-, 16-, 32-, and 64-bit eras along with some of the PC technology as well. With season 2 also came the epic Diggin in the Carts tour which I was fortunate to attend in Los Angeles last year. This new season takes a slightly different form.

Season 3 of DITC expands the focus from Japan to the rest of the world. This time around Dwyer is “bringing into focus composers and sounds from the US, Europe, the UK and beyond, and the gaming systems that made a huge impact there: the Commodore 64, the Commodore Amiga, the Atari ST, the Sega Genesis, Super NES and more.” The focus will be more international in scope and focus as internationally renowned artists share their favorite and most influential games.

Tune in to Diggin in the Carts Season 3 Episode 3 on Red Bull Radio at 4pm PT/7pm ET:

Diggin in the Carts Season 3 Episode 3 features renowned video game composer Tommy Tallarico.

Tommy Tallarico was one of the few video game composers in the 90s. With his mission to expand the range of VGM he went on to found the prolific Video Games Live project. The event brings showcases an amazing array of VGM played by some of the world’s greatest orchestra members.

The project has toured around the world and having attended an event I can genuinely say it is one of the most amazing things to witness and hear! In addition to Video Games Live, Tallarico holds at least three Guinness World Records, is featured in the Smithsonian for his work in the video game industry and has received a Lifetime Achievement award at the Game Developers Conference, along with many more accolades.

Later in the episode, Dwyer will discuss the soundtracks that developed from the Commodore home computer and Playstation via the Psygnosis Limited developers. Additionally, the Ceephax Acid Crew will present their selection of Commodore 64 anthems and the episode will come to a close with a spotlight on the late composer Richard Joseph.

If you’re interested in all things VGM, then Diggin in the Carts is the radio show you’ve been dreaming of! Catch the episodes every Thursday at 4 PM PDT/7PM EST on Radio Bull Radio

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