Deathpact First Interference

Returning with another solo release dubbed “First Interference”, Deathpact continues to keep us guessing who is behind the project.

It was just nearly a month ago that Deathpact dropped “Danger”, the first release from the mysterious project. Well-received by many who have been eating up the industrial, underground side of the dance music scene as of late, interest reached an all-time peak when the collaborative track “Life & Death” was dropped on REZZ’s Certain Kind of Magic. Today, Deathpact has released the next solo track for your listening pleasure, a monster of a tune dubbed “First Interference”!

While the hard-hitting bass is the highlight of “First Interference”, the influence of electro and industrial styles of dance music come through in full force. Glitchy to its core, the signature sound of Deathpact is becoming clearer with each release as many continue to question exactly who might be behind this project.

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The sinister sound and spooky soundscapes have already attracted thousands to streaming platforms, as while Deathpact may have just surfaced the project has already seen 169,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The added support from artists like REZZ has only boosted the number of people tuning in and has continued to add to the curiosity of exactly who is producing this material.

Many have guessed artists like Madeon, which would definitely explain some of the more electro aspects that come through on the other releases but also show up on “First Interference”. Regardless of who it is, though, we’ll keep on tuning in and getting down to these sick beats.

Who do you think Deathpact is? Give us your best guesses in the comments and let us know all your theories behind this anonymous project that recently surfaced!

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