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Champagne Drip crash-lands foreign bass territory with Obelisk, an interminable mammoth of vivacious whomps and intoxicating synth waves. 

Since his beautifully woven remix of Zeds Dead’s and Diplo’s “Blame”, Champagne Drip has been on our radars for his unique auditory combinations. With a strong grip on freeform bass, it was only a matter of time before this talented producer acquired a feature on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan, the pinnacle of experimental bass labels. After contributing to the Convoy compilation with “A Different World”, we couldn’t wait to hear Champagne Drip come back with more weird and wonderful wubs, and Obelisk is exactly what we’ve been looking for.

Consisting of four tracks, each with an incomparable magnitude, Obelisk is Champagne Drip’s latest EP. Released on Wakaan, Obelisk eclipses genre classifications by demonstrating some of the grittiest bass we’ve heard this year. Stream or download the EP on your favorite platform and read on for an inside look into this fantastically strange collection!

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Obelisk begins with “Nerf This”, which is an animated firecracker of a tune.

The track goes from buoyant synth blips into a dangerously heavy monsoon of devilish bass wallops, mercilessly snatching your last breath along with your spine. “Nerf This” embodies a fire and ice dynamic, oscillating between two mystical planes with savory exactitude.

Champagne Drip reaches deep into the underground for “Argent Energy” and summons the deepest and darkest of bass thrashes. The track is pure, unadulterated mayhem, whipping and writhing with tumultuous shreds of synth-coated bass and a multitude of sonic layers. Each gravelly surge of guttural frequencies emits the feeling of trudging through a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a vengeance.

“Argent Energy” is arguably the heaviest force to be reckoned with on Obelisk; from here, it’s all about bouncy wobbles and static chirps.

Get ready for the bouncy bone jiggler that is “The Portal”. Strapped with wispy synth pops and a crackling bassline, this tune gallivants across dimensions and tumbles through intergalactic black holes. If you ever go parading through the universe in search of extraterrestrial life, this is the perfect soundtrack to your journey.

Obelisk ends with “Axis Mundi”, a true embodiment of experimental bass. Jolting chord progressions curl around a trembling boost of a bassline, their sonic amplitude stretching and morphing with each second. It’s only reaching the end of Obelisk that you realize the auditory voyage it is. Every bass blow and electrifying blip feels as familiar to you as a past life, like an attempted recollection of a forgotten dream.

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