The Landing Volume 069 || Fresh Tunes From This Week!

The Landing

Welcome to The Landing, EDM Identity’s weekly post highlighting fresh tracks you may have missed!

In each edition of The Landing, we intend to highlight some tracks that have landed in our inbox each week that you may have missed, or perhaps shine a light on new music for you to fall in love with.

This week’s edition of The Landing features fresh tracks from artists like Bear Grillz & Sullivan King, Nitti Gritti, Richard Durand, Cheat Codes, and more!

Listen to some of our favorite tunes from this week and past editions in our playlist and read on for more details on the tunes added below!

The Landing || Volume 069

bear grillz sullivan king wicked
Bear Grillz and Sullivan King team up for metal-infused dubstep banger, “Wicked”.

“Wake up the dead, it’s time to get wicked!” Metalstep producer Sullivan King and heavy dubstep DJ Bear Grillz have come together an absolute unit of a track. Combining high energy guitar with total bass annihilation, “Wicked” is a relentless dubstep masterpiece. The two bass producers will be taking on Lost Lands 2018, so if you’re heading to Ohio to headbang with dinosaurs then you’ll definitely hear this track.

Stream or download “Wicked” on Spotify!

The LandingRichard Durand Quenches our psytech cravings with “Pelican Rouge”!

Get ready for some serious dance floor debauchery as Richard Durand jumps on the Degenerate Records roster with his latest offering, “Pelican Rouge”! Diving headfirst into the depth of etherial darkness we are invited to get lost in brilliant psytech madness, the kind of madness that unleashes our true inner alien. With a mic drop production that unleashes raw rhythmic energy and dynamic sound detail, the Degenerate family can certainly be proud to have the Reloaded King representing their unique vision. We certainly can’t wait to see what he dreams up next!

DOGMA and Elevatd cater for our need for some filthy Dubstep with their new release “The Fallen”

With DOGMA and Elevatd’s new release, the need for some hard Dubstep is real. With their incorporation of piano elements mixed with the extreme drops of Dubstep, this track will get any party going. I love the simplistic piano elements and then being able to feed my inner headbanger. It’s great. DOGMA and Elevatd have really brought this headbanger’s dream into a reality. Classical meets Dubstep.

Stream “The Fallen” on YouTube!

Ruben de Ronde x Rodg x Louise Rademakers-Riptide (Solid Stone Remix)
Returning to the groove of Progressive Trance with Solid Stone’s remix of “Riptide”!

Don’t confuse the producer Solid Stone with Solarstone. You’d be remiss though if you assumed the sound came from Solarstone, as the progressive vibes of Solid Stone’s remix really surrender to the pure mood. In tackling this vocal track produced by Armada heavyweight’s Ruben de Ronde and Rodg, Solid Stone threw the switch to the beauty of mid-2000’s Trance – darker but stunning, moving in a manner that grabs the hips tenderly and captivates the ear with open space to allow the sounds to fully encapsulate the listener. Stunning – simply stunning.

Download or Stream right here!

RIELISM090-Benya & Sara Houston-Made Of Dreams
Been looking for the dreams we call our own on Rielism with fresh tune from Benya and Sara Houston, “Made of Dreams”.

Benya and Sara Houston teamed up for a stunning Trance track in “Made of Dreams”. The track’s original form is an airy, uplifting, mellow essence – stuttered with vocal elements, an airy lead, and plodding beats that will keep you dancing. The husband and wife duo here really Two remixes dropped along with the original – one by Type 41 and the other David Forbes. David’s mix is the more pronounced and in-your-face of the two and it works to offset the brilliant mood of the original. Between a Tech-Trance drive and the amazing implantation of the original’s chord progression, you’ll find no lack of energy in this one. Pounding percussion at breakneck speed done with this level of prowess… YES PLEASE!

Download or Stream right here!

Wishlyst continues to make waves with her latest track, “Earthquake”

After a few months of honing her craft Wishlyst returns in a big way. Her latest track, “Earthquake” is dripping with emotion and truth about the not-so-talked-about struggle in the quest to make it in your passion. Lest we forget, the former east coaster whose main form of artistic expression is classical music, took a leap of faith and relocated to the west coast to pursue electronic music, among other reasons.

In “Earthquake”, she keeps it real about her journey. For example, she sings, “It’s 2 AM, I’m awake, up all night I’m trying to make an earthquake. Said I’d work until my dreams come true and all I have are nightmares.” This track is sure to resonate with any musician striving to make it in the over-saturated scene. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

U2 and Cheat Codes prove to us that “Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way”

Rock legends U2 and our favorite trio Cheat Codes have teamed up to deliver the perfect summer track! Featuring vocals from Cheat Codes’ very own Trevor Dahl, this new take brings some classic Cheat Codes flavor to the original from U2’s Songs Of Experience album.

The track lures us in with Dahl’s vocals and then quickly brings around the catchy chorus and drop, which you’ll undoubtedly have stuck in your head before the song is even over. Make sure to check out the track via your favorite streaming platform and let us know what you think in the comments!

Stream “Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way” via your favorite platform!

BAZZI Mine Nitti Gritti Remix
Nitti Gritti takes BAZZI’s “Mine” and gives it a sick remix!

Keeping us moving and grooving with his releases that have shown off the range of genres he can produce, Nitti Gritti has proven to be one of the most dynamic rising stars in the scene today. Blending the original track’s R&B elements with his signature future bass style, Nitti has pulled out all the stops to leave a lasting impression on listeners with this solid tune. With more to come from his studio all summer long, we can’t wait to see what else is in store as he continues to release hit after hit.

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