Never Say Die: Black Label’s ‘Black Friday Vol. 16’ Delivers a Dose of Heavy Bass

Never Say Die: Black Label Black Friday Vol. 16

Never Say Die: Black Label continues to shatter expectations and vertebrae alike with Black Friday Vol. 16!

As one of the most prominent heavy bass labels out there, Never Say Die has amassed immense support from headbangers everywhere. With a distinct style that is nothing short of absolute bass mayhem, SKisM’s label and its repertoire of artists never fail to deliver an onslaught of bone-crushing bass. Now they have dropped Black Friday Vol. 16 for bassheads across the globe, continuing on a tradition of releases that are absolutely heavy.

In its entirety, Black Friday Vol. 16 is an all-devouring beast lurking in the darkest of dubstep shadows. The four-track collection is yet another testament to Never Say Die: Black Label and their monstrous sound, and I can’t get enough of it. Featuring tracks from ECRAZE, Kompany, LUX, and TrollPhace, Never Say Die: Black Label’s Black Friday Vol. 16 takes bass by the throat and shows no mercy.

Stream Black Friday Vol. 16 below and read on for my take on the tracks featured on the release. From “Shut Down” to “Shotgun Knees”, this EP is definitely one to be adding to your collection.

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The first track on the collection is “SHUT DOWN” by ECRAZE, and that’s exactly what this track came here to do. An upbeat intro claps into a buildup before agitated bass relentlessly jabs before a brief pop of silence erupts and the bass hammers back in. The scrap metal sound mixed with a stomping of a bass kick lingering in the background will get necks breaking and heads banging instantly.

If you’ve ever needed some encouragement to hop in the mosh pit, this track will be your best motivator. With a menacing “BACK TO THE PIT!” echoing before torrents of chopped bass ravenously churn, “Pit” by Kompany will have elbows throwing instantaneously.

With a melodic, whimsical clatter of notes introducing “Silence”, I had to do a double-take. LUX usually drops some deep, dark, and gnarly dubstep with incendiary drops. Though the harmonic buildup had me fooled for a second, I was immediately left attempting to catch my breath as chops of blistering shrapnel bass flooded in.

What would a robotic alien dinosaur sound like on a bloodthirsty rampage? “Shotgun Knees” by TrollPhace is the obvious answer. Demented vocals interlock with an incendiary assault of titanic bass slaps, infecting each listener with an unwavering desire to headbang in unison with each colossal bass stomp.

What was your favorite track on Black Friday Vol. 16? Leave us a comment!

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