Medasin Irene Mix

Medasin’s just given us a taste of his upcoming EP in his “Irene” mix and it’s an astonishing work of art start to finish.

In a mix just short of thirty minutes dubbed “IRENE”, Medasin bestows upon us a look into a colossal sixteen unreleased original tracks that will go towards his forthcoming EP. Having only released one original track in the past two years, this is a huge day for Medasin and his loyal fanbase.

If Medasin has yet to be on your radar, this mix proves that he is an undoubtedly an artist to watch. His production abilities are truly unbelievable; he’s crafted a twinkling, magical sound that’s so uniquely his – tasteful piano melodies and heavenly synths brought together in beautiful unison.

Put in some nice ass headphones and let Medasin take you on a masterfully curated journey through his future sounds in the EP mix “Irene”. Read on for his thoughts on the mix, the track list, and more.

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The tracks range in genre from purely instrumental to hip-hop, with many containing enchanting vocalists accompanying Medasin’s infectious beats. At times it even sounds as if he’s brought in an entire orchestra; the richness of the melodies is truly amazing. His sweet-sounding production stays consistent throughout the entire mix – you can tell that Medasin has developed his sound, and boy is it good.

If I wasn’t already obsessed with Medasin, this mix would have had me sold. I’m beyond excited for him to drop the full EP and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this incredibly talented artist.

Medasin’s Irene Tour is currently underway, with dates coming up in Austin, Chicago, and San Francisco among many other cities! 

“my wish is that u to listen to “irene” from start to finish and understand me and what i’m going for musically. it has been hard to portray my true musical intentions via doing big remixes of pop songs. those are fun, but they don’t represent me like this does. this is special.”

– Medasin

“Irene” (full ep mix) Tracklist: 

1. intro
2. conspiracy theory
3. melody X
4. JOBA – sad saturdays (medasin remix)
5. melody X (house edit)
6. crack rock
7. hollowed
8. medasin & sakuraburst – ID
9. microdose
10. post malone – i fall apart (medasin remix instrumental)
11. zora’s domain
12. black
13. smallroomjam
14. beach trip
15. home
16. outro

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