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What is coming up in the future for OHM Music label boss and trance producer Omair Mirza? Take a look at his socials and questions begin to arise!

It seems as if it was just yesterday when Omair Mirza, the man who has consistently delivered hits like “Perfect Imperfection”, “Beautiful Mystery” and “The Kingmaker” would set forth on a new journey of sound as the boss of his brand new label OHM Music. Just one year later he would make the world his oyster as one incredible release after another hit the airwaves, paving the way for a massive 2017 for both Omair and the blossoming label.

So, it certainly surprised us when for almost a month Omair Mirza has refrained from posting anything new on his artist Facebook page, piquing our interest even further as we noticed that both his profile picture and banner photo have been removed. Digging a little deeper, we decided to head over to his Twitter and Instagram pages and once again, we were met with intrigue at the lack of a profile picture and any recent action.

Now, what we do know is that just a few months ago Omair delivered some interesting video footage teasing the social media world with a sneaky glimpse into his personal studio that highlighted a few short cryptic posts promising new music in the near future.

Omair’s silence leaves us to wonder what is to come from him in the future.

Could this be the beginning of a new project that is slowly beginning to take shape? Maybe Omair is toying with a new sound and a completely new direction? Perhaps this could be seen as just a social media winter cleaning session?

For now, all we can do is keep our eyes planted firmly on Omair Mirza and all of his socials and wait patiently for any more clues into what the future holds for this brilliant trance visionary.

Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think in the comment section!

Omair Mirza mystery update:

As if a little social media silence wasn’t enough to get those brows raising in question, just yesterday Omair Mirza took to Instagram just long enough to drop off a cryptic video, tantalizing the eardrums with beautiful Spanish guitar notes that linger above a hypnotic tribal drum detail. Pop over to Facebook and Twitter and we see the cryptic video once again, playing as the focal point among a mystery still very much unsolved.

Is this telltale proof that we can be expecting new Omair Mirza music or is there something else in store that we just aren’t seeing yet? As always, stay locked in with us as we continue to follow and report on any new developments as they arise!

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