DUCKY Drops ‘I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet’ EP

Ducky I Fall in Love with Everyone I Meet EP
Photo Credit: Alex Varsa

Yes, she produced it, did the vocals, and everything else. DUCKY does it all on her new I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet EP!

Despite churning out new music seemingly every week, DUCKY’s new five-track I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet EP has arrived and I am here for it. In an industry dominated by men, she has no love for the boys and is making waves in the EDM ocean as the newest rave kid on the block.

DUCKY’s influences are endless: dubstep, trance, drum and bass, happy hardcore, trap, electro, and stuff that I can’t even try to put a label on… which, ironically, I think is her goal.  On I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet, she comes out swinging with a focus on dubstep and drum and bass while sprinkling in bits of all of the above and more. Stream the EP below or listen to it on your favorite platform now!


The opening track “Hey” introduces you to DUCKY’s voice with soft, emotional, almost sad vocals. The vocals give way to a big, melodic interlude and then a heavy, trance-type bass drop. It sounds like it belongs in that part of a Bassnectar set where Lorin slows it down and you can feel the waves of bass wash over you (a la “Timestretch”).

Another notable addition is “Freak Out“. It’s a fun track with its loopy, circus-style drops. If you’ve had an opportunity to see her perform, then you’d know that she freaks out behind the decks as well. My hands down favorite track of the EP is “U Were Wrong“; it’s a fabulous genre-bender production featuring elements of dubstep, drum and bass, trap, and hardcore!

Are you still sleeping on DUCKY? Well, it’s time to wake up and join her genre-busting revolution!

DUCKY can do it herself but she wants you to join her squad of ravers and freaks! All members should expect to receive lots of new tunes and positive affirmations. Make sure to catch her set at EDC Orlando this November!

DUCKY – I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet EP Tracklist:
  1. Hey (3:34)
  2. Oceans (4:04)
  3. What U Say (3:03)
  4. Freak Out (3:15)
  5. U Were Wrong (4:02)

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