The Landing || July 30 – August 5, 2017

The Landing

Welcome to The Landing, EDM Identity’s weekly post highlighting fresh tracks you may have missed!

Since the introduction of streaming sites like SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify, as well as release mediums like Bandcamp available for artists to release on, new music is hitting us faster than ever. The abundance of releases can almost be overwhelming, as the tools for production and releasing music are easily accessible for anyone around the world. We know that it is a difficult task to keep up with every release from every artist, so we’re here to assist you with some gems that “land” in our inboxes. In every edition of The Landing, we intend to highlight some tracks that you may have missed, or perhaps shine a light on new music for you to fall in love with.

This week’s edition of The Landing features fresh tracks from Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz, Bingo Players, Oliver Lieb, Thomas Gold, Borgore, Goldplate, Manse, and Alok!

The Landing || July 30 – August 5, 2017

Oliver Lieb reworks his own classic trance tune “Netherworld” for 2017

Oliver Lieb Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Back in 1996, Oliver Lieb released the tune “Netherworld” under the L.S.G.alias for the world to hear. Fast forward to this year, he has now unleashed a slew of remixes to jam out to. Including fresh takes from Rise & Fall, and two fresh cuts from Oliver himself. The Russian artist Rise and Fall, who is a Bonzai regular, ran away with the tune, adding depth and leaving his own mark on the classic that is irresistible. Oliver’s “Main Mix” is an update bringing a more modern progressive trance sound with it, while the “Vinyl Cut” is a true definition of the tune that will leave the listener simply hypnotized. Stream the Main Mix below, and grab the entire release on Beatport!

Brazillian Superstar DJ Alok Remixes Rolling Stones Frontman, Mick Jagger!

Alok – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Brazillian DJ Alok has had a pretty amazing summer. Not only did he play a spectacular set at Tomorrowland, he also toured France, Belgium, and numerous other European countries, with more on the way. The icing on his musical cake is the release of his recent remix. Who would have thought the Alok and Mick Jagger would have collaborated on a track? Well, it happened. The Rolling Stones front man personally invited a small group of musicians to put some their spin on his first solo release in 16 years. Check out Alok’s take on Jagger’s “Get a Grip” and let us know what you think!

We Might Fall Goldplate remix
Goldplate puts a heartfelt twist on Ghastly’s “We Might Fall”

Goldplate – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud || Ghastly –  Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

I’ve loved Ghastly’s new track – “We Might Fall” with Matthew Koma, and now Goldplate made it just that much better. The integrity of Ghastly’s original lives on, while Goldplate integrates a bit more uptempo, feel-good bouncy drop. The track is perfect to throw on at any time of the day–it’ll get the good vibes flowing without a doubt. You might know Goldplate from his collaboration with Ghastly – “Dogs In The House,” a more bass-heavy side to the two artists. He’s been killing it with fire remixes of Jauz and Boombox Cartel and has some incredible original music on the way. While I love this happier side to his sound in his remix of “We Might Fall,” Goldplate is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the trap and moombahton genres. Give it a listen!

Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz - "AR"
For the very first time, Cosmic Gate joins forces with Markus Schulz to deliver tech trance insanity on “AR”!

Cosmic Gate Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud || Markus Schulz –  Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

On September 1, 2017, Cosmic Gate will bestow upon the trance universe Materia Chapter.Two, an album that boasts incredible collaborations between Cosmic Gate and some of the biggest and most unique names in the dance music industry. With the anticipation brewing, Cosmic Gate is primed and ready to quench our thirst with the release of their second single off of the album (following “Tonight”), a collab with the unicorn slayer himself, Markus Schulz, called “AR”.

With Friday, August 4 marking the singles official release date, “AR” blasts out of the gate with tight riffs and a bold, low-frequency bassline, prepping your soul for a fire storm of heat, delivering a power packed crescendo that simmers just long enough to build the excitement before dropping into a dark haven of tech trance euphoria. This is just one sweet example of the musical excellence that runs deep throughout Materia Chapter.Two and a stunning reminder that in 2017, Cosmic Gate will continue to reign on top among the dance music elite.

For more information about Materia Chapter.Two and to preorder your copy of the album click here!

Bingo Players - "Beat The Drum"
Bingo Players delivers a hot new summer anthem that we just can’t get enough of!

Bingo Players Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Coming to us fresh off the massive success of his Charlie Puth “Attention” remix, Maarten Hoogstraten aka Bingo Players has officially released “Beat The Drum” out now on Hysteria RecordsThe track is packed full of infectious vocals, bouncy bass, quirky sounds, and all around groovy vibe, making “Beat The Drum” an instant club sensation and one that will linger in your subconscious for many months to come.

After completing the 10 Year Anniversary Tour last year in honor of Maarten Hoogstraten’s late partner Paul Baümer who passed from cancer in 2013, Bingo Players’ kicked off the new year with an array of energetic hits that included “Bust This”, “No. 1 Disco” and “Tic Toc” making “Beat The Drum” only an addition to his arsenal of ridiculously addictive club tracks. I mean really, who doesn’t love a little BIngo Players action! 

Borgore unleashes latest tune “Savages”

Borgore – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

This year has been absolutely massive for Borgore. With the announcement of a world tour and loads of releases, we couldn’t help to wonder what was next for the dubstep kingpin. With his latest release “Savages”, Borgore continues to impress as listeners will be dominated by the heavy bass and pitch swings in the track. A quality vocal sample leaves its mark and complements the tune perfectly, making this a must-listen release for anyone who loves dubstep or bass music.

If you aren’t a “Dreamer”, Thomas Gold is sure to make you one with this fresh tune

Thomas Gold – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Featuring vocals from Mimoza, Thomas Gold’s latest tune is light and brings those dream-like vibes you’d expect from a track entitled “Dreamer”. A perfect tune to close out your summer fun, it will put a smile on your face as Mimoza’s powerful voice fills your ears. Are you a “Dreamer”? Listen to the track and let us know in the comments!

Download or stream “Dreamer” on your favorite platform!

Manse & Maruja Retana tell us “Where We Want To Be”

Manse – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud 

Swedish artist Manse has teamed up with the stunning Dutch vocalist Maruja Retana on a fantastic tune that is sure to hit you right in the feels. Out now on Armada Trice, this uplifting house tune is a blissful journey that will not only be perfect for those long drives but the dance floors too. Big things are on the horizon for both these artists as well. Manse has a decade-long career that includes support from many renowned artists, and Maruja has worked with the likes of Marco V and Basto to give tracks her powerful vocals. Stream it below!

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