Keegan Tawa Releases ‘Phasic’ EP

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Keegan Tawa, a producer with an astounding range of musical capabilities, has released his latest EP, Phasic.

Today marks the release of a brand new EP from Philadelphia based producer and DJ, Keegan Tawa. Known for his epic Jazz saxophone skills as well as his incredible ability to DJ and entertain a crowd, Keegan has opened for many well-known artists including Above & Beyond, Mat Zo, and Big Gigantic, just to name a few. Combining his own original productions with his instrumental capabilities, Tawa has already produced and released multiple amazing tracks and EPs. His latest EP, labeled Phasic, is nothing short of amazing and is exactly what we’ve come to expect from an artist as musically inclined as Keegan Tawa.

The Phasic EP can be streamed for free on Keegan’s SoundCloud. You can also support by downloading and purchasing the EP on Bandcamp.

Phasic is intended to be a sequential moving story which spans fifteen minutes and is made up of five different pieces combined into three different parts. Keegan himself displays his wide array of music abilities in each part diving into his talents with the saxophone, synthesizer, and piano. Assisting with the EP includes other artists as well such as Mark Carson, Derek Getz, Zach Kramer, and more. The Phasic story features over seven musical artists in total and blends an array of genres including jazz, funk, and contemporary.

Catch Keegan Tawa live on August 25, opening for Fehrplay at Rumor Nightclub in Philadelphia. Tickets can be purchased here.

Stream Keegan Tawa’s Phasic EP (Continuous Mix) on SoundCloud:

Part 1 – The 11th Hour ft. Mark Carson, Derek Getz (0:00 – 2:51)

  • Bass: Mark Carson
  • Saxophone: Keegan Tawa
  • Guitar: Derek Gertz

Part 2 – Say Goodbye ft. Zach Kramer (4:09 – 7:56)

  • Vocals: Zach Kramer [Soundcloud]
  • Guitar: Steven Catania of Cocktail Party Phenomenon [Website]
  • Synthesizer: Keegan Tawa
  • Lyrics: Myles Billard [Soundcloud]

Part 3 – Moon and Sky ft. Jessica Magoch (8:58 – 12:09)

  • Vocals: Jessica Magoch
  • Piano: Keegan Tawa
  • Lyrics: Myles Billard

Phasic EP

Connect with Keegan Tawa:

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