Bassnectar Reflective

Bassnectar takes his signature sound to a whole new level with his preview of Reflective.

I am coming off a serious Bassnectar high after Lightning in a Bottle, so if you read this and think I have become a head banging, neck breaking Basshead I can understand. I am a huge fan of what we have heard so far of his new Reflective EP.

A friend of mine explained Reflective to me as “a lot of how he’s feeling and seeing the world right now. I can tell there a lot of inspiration from how the world is behaving and transitioning.” I can certainly understand why my friend, an Ambassador of Bassnectar, believes this and I strongly agree with them.

Listen to the first three tracks of the Reflective EP on SoundCloud:

The Reflective EP combines Bassnectar’s signature sound with his feelings about the world today.

The first three songs previewed from Reflective span a diverse set of feelings. “Was Will Be” featuring Mimi Page is a filthy, neck-breaking Basshead’s dream. The song is currently my favorite of the three partially because it features one of my favorite vocalists, Mimi Page. Mimi has been a recurring talent on a couple of Lorin’s songs including “Butterfly” and “Breathless”. The way Bassnectar orchestrates her ambient voice into his signature bass sound is something of magic and never ceases to amaze me.

“Underground” with G Jones is an ambient combination of bass and vocals that propel you into a dream with every bass hit. “Underground” intricately showcases the filthy bass that G Jones and Bassnectar are capable of; a definite neck breaker.

The final track, “Horizons” with Dorfex Bros has a downtempo, ambient sound that still carries the signature bass we’ve come to know and love from Bassnectar. “Horizons” showcases Bassnectar’s ability to compose and cohabitate with other artists. Between the two talents we get this deep, dark, and organized chaos of sounds that leave the senses tantalized. I enjoy a healthy amount of bass to get down with Nectar, but I am always pleasantly surprised by his ability to step outside his “sound” yet still keep his signature self present on the track.

Reflective is set to release June 16th. Make sure you preorder your copy on iTunes, stream it on your favorite portal, or buy a physical copy to show your support!

Bassnectar press photo 2016

About Bassnectar:

Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar, of the San Francisco Bay Area is hailed as one of the gods among bass music. Combining melodic sounds and soulful, often entrancing vocals with bass that has serious weight, the producer has crafted his unique sound. Bassnectar’s music also seems to be influenced by things like the perception of reality, listeners’ reactions to their reality, and the overall feeling toward the perceived sense of reality. Fans have described his sets and music like a journeys into yourself, or like a dream.

In addition to music, Lorin has an amazing group of volunteers called “The Ambassadors” whose main objective is to provide any and all comfort to attendees of his shows. Ambassadors work with the venue to provide water, an ear to listen along with areas they designate as “chill out zones,” and even a dance if you ask them nicely Lastly, Ashton has also implemented the “Dollar Per Basshead” program where a dollar is taken from every ticket sold and donated to different charitable organizations. Bassnectar is not just another show to go and headbang to; his fans have become a family for many.

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