Pelussje collide
PELUSSJE’s “Collide” is a smooth, downtempo future beat track with hypnotic vocals that makes you want to groove, perfect for long summer days.

Italian duo Pelussje are no strangers to experimental dance music and their newest collaboration with Josh Money proves they are a future beats powerhouse in the scene. The hypnotic vocals are playful and weaves perfectly with the beats that we’ve come to love from the duo. Experimental synths and the vocal chopping throughout the song bring the song to another level. The track also features a vocal snippet of a man saying “roger” – something you would expect to hear coming from the International Space Station which adds a nice touch to the track as well. “Collide” is out now on Nameless Records and Universal Music Italia!

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About Pelussje:

Launching their careers back in 2004, James Nayler and Chiara Benelli make up the dynamic Italian duo, Pelussje. Originally starting as a live act, they moved back to mixers and turntables and began bringing a more club-oriented feel with their music. Their growth as artists pushed them to a realm of refined sounds and basslines that would really make them stand out from the rest. Building a reputation around the globe, Pelussje has toured throughout Europe, North America, and Asia, while also hitting up the Southern Hemisphere in South Africa and Brasil. With support from labels and tastemakers ranging from OWSLA to The Bloody Beetroots, with a splash of love from Benny Benassi and Congorock, it is no surprise that this duo is beloved by many. You can catch their latest tracks “Down The River” and “Bad Habit”, which are available now or get a taste for their style in the mix below. We sat down with Pelussje to chat about their music, influences and more, check it out!

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