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From releasing hit new singles to touring the world, Steve Void has had an incredible year and is going nowhere but up.

If you love the happy, tropical vibes of Matoma and Kygo, you’ll be excited to discover Steve Void, an artist of similar style but his own distinguished sound. He began producing at a young age of 15 in his hometown of the Netherlands, and since then has made a name for himself with huge remixes of tracks like “Shades of Grey,” “Can’t Feel My Face,” and “False Alarm.” On top of that, he has released his own widely loved singles like “Chemistry” and “Never Been Better.” His sound is hard not to love, and perfect to throw on at any time throughout your day. Steve is currently wrapping up his second tour with his colleague Matoma. They’ve been touring all over Europe, hitting major cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Milan, and Paris and having a grand time while doing it. I got the chance to talk to Steve about his rise to fame, favorite tracks, time on tour, and future endeavors. Check out what he had to say!

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Since you began producing music at age 15, who have been your biggest inspirations musically?

Most of my inspiration is coming from touring at the moment and listening to a lot of pop music, trying to integrate that into more clubby music but still make it easy listening.

You have some huge remixes of tracks like “Shades of Grey” and “Beat the Sunrise.” I especially love your edit of Nik Ernst’s “Stronger!” What goes into deciding which tracks you want to remix?

It all started with remixes on Soundcloud and then they reach high streaming numbers and some of them went on to become official remixes afterward. For me to put the effort in a remix, I really need to like the song and feel that it could be better and/or different from the original.All of your originals and remixes have been received extremely well

All of your originals and remixes have been received extremely well, with millions of plays on SoundCloud and Spotify. Which track are you most proud of to date?

So far I’m most proud of “Never Been Better”. The song has done really well so far. Other than that there are so many songs that I’m super excited about, that will release next.

You’ve been on two tours with Matoma now. How did you two first meet, and what led to deciding to go on tour together?

I signed with my agent Ferry from APA for the US and he sent one of my unreleased demos to Matoma since he was signed there as well. After that the song was played as an ID by Matoma at club nights and festivals and even Coachella. Before I knew it we were talking about me joining his US tour. The US tour was awesome but at the Europe tour Matoma has really become a brother to me and I couldn’t be more proud of how he and his team are doing so well right now.

Do you prepare for shows differently when playing in the United States compared to Europe?

Yes, the shows in the US are a bit more energetic than the shows in Europe. The crowds in Europe like a more deep house kinda vibe and in the US they’re more into trap and hip hop, so I try to put that in there in my own way.

On Instagram, it looks like you’ve been having a blast on your European tour. How has it been traveling around and playing shows with some of your best friends?

Traveling has been a lot but it has been awesome! Love all the adventures and everything that has to do with touring. We really became a close team, had so much fun and worked our asses off to make this tour the biggest success.

Where has your favorite crowd to play to during the tour been?

Favorite two crowds so far were the Helsinki and Harterei clubs.

Steve Void

What are some tips you can give other artists who are going on tour? Any advice on what to bring with you or how to stay healthy?

Tour wise, go with the flow and solve problems on the go. It will all work out. About staying Healthy, be sure to work out in your room every day for at least 15 min and try to make every food you can get proper food. It’s easy to eat bad food, but invest some time in getting a little better food.

With your European tour coming to a close, what are you most excited about moving forward in 2017? Hitting any big festivals this summer we can check you out at?

Most exciting for me at the moment is showing the world all the music I have laying around. This will be a really good year where I fully focus on original music and we’re working with Sony at the moment, to bring the music to everyone as soon as possible. This summer I have some cool festivals as well, so it’s definitely going to be a good year.

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