Get to know experimental artists BLYNE in this week’s Artist Spotlight!

BLYNE states that they hail from Germany, but we have our doubts. Seeing as no one knows who they actually are, we can only guess as to what planet these “humans” are from. Incorporating sounds that you’d expect to hear out of artists coming from Germany, but then splicing in some out of this world vibes, listeners never will be bored with their music. Their productions range pretty widely, and you can find a true electronic sound while also finding their music as the beat for hip hop artists and vocalists alike. Their recent release “Maybe Now”, featured vocals from Melisa Whiskey, but what really blew me away was the unique music video they produced to go along with the tune. Today, we are proud to introduce you all to BLYNE, get a taste for their sound through their exclusive guest mix below, and read on for our chat with this duo too!

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Coming from Berlin, how did the German music scene influence your tastes as artists?

It definitely had a huge influence on us. As a teenager living in Berlin. it’s pretty hard to not dive into the club scene of this city at some point. The whole culture and everyday life of Berlin is largely influenced by techno and house music. That’s how we got into electronic sounds.

Working with TylerxCordy on track “Early Hours” showed off that your sound can be used for hip hop tracks as well. Can we expect more productions like that in the future?

Actually, we would love to do more songs like ‘Early Hours’. We’ve always been listening to a lot of different hip-hop stuff and in fact, it currently is one of our biggest influences when it comes to sounds, vibes, and energy.

A pretty abstract music video was released for your track “Maybe Now”. What led to the artistic elements and retro feel used?

A key element of electronic music is the combination and rearrangement of elements that have been used as samples. We thought that it might be interesting to use the same principles in a visual context. In the end, most electronic tracks work as a kind of a “collage” of sounds or instruments, at least for us, so we tried to experiment with a similar, but visual concepts.

Was “Maybe Now” produced with Melisa Whiskey’s vocals in mind, or did those come after the track was produced?

We always try to let a song grow when we are working with an artist. When we sat down with in the studio with Melisa, all there was as a starting point, was a small bell loop. In the end, the whole writing process during our studio session developed into a great symbiosis of everyone’s ideas, visions, and skills. It couldn’t have been established in any other way and it would feel kind of unnatural and empty to us to just produce an instrumental and put vocals on top of it.

Who are three artists that you both look to for inspiration?

Four Tet, Burial, and Kanye West.

Claiming your productions are “outer space music,” if you could travel anywhere in the universe, where would it be?

The cool thing about the universe is the fact, that only a tiny part has been explored, so most of it is just infinite, unknown space. We’d love to go to some random galaxy and just see what’s going on around there.


Outer space music, mysterious identities, abstract art…we just have to ask, are you both actually Aliens from a far off galaxy?

Actually, this is not the first time someone’s asking this question and we’re not sure if that’s a good thing. Some friends of ours would probably say yes.

Are there any releases we can be keeping our ears out for in the near future?

Right now we’re working on a lot of new stuff, which we’re pretty excited about and are going to release an EP soon.

Finally, when will you both be landing somewhere in the US for a show?

Hopefully very soon! We are really looking forward to playing some gigs in the US 🙂

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