The Launch || Volume 019

The Launch

Welcome to The Launch, EDM Identity’s weekly playlist series made up of fresh tracks that we love.

Music connects each and every one of us, whether you are listening to trance, house, dubstep, or any other genre, we are all one with the beat. Exploring new genres and a crucial element to falling deeper in love with music and opening doors to new experiences in life. Every week we will be taking you on a journey of musical discovery, highlighting five new tracks that we are currently tuned into. This week’s edition of The Launch is presented to you by…MyStro.

Here’s a cheeky little story – I’m not just a Trance music or Progressive music lover – I’m equal to almost everything in the dance umbrella.  With that said… let’s see what’s been catching my ear lately.

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The Launch || Volume 019

5. Somebody New – STALKER & Kalide

STALKER Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud || KalideFacebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

This popped into my subscriptions thanks to Proximity over on YouTube.  For some reason – it just made me want to dance in the chair at the day job.  It’s a fun tune.  The cheeky piano riff matches up to the vocal performance – a splendid melancholic R&B-pop set.  There’s a sweetness about the decay of love and relationship in the vocal performance.  The build harkens a bit of Nero’s vibe to me. The drop is simple, but stunning nonetheless.  It’s vibey, ready for you to groove to, and a fun track.  Get down and move yourself…as you find somebody new (in it for all the single people as we approach “Single Awareness Day.”

4. Lights LucasV ft. Tequisha

LucasV – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud || Tequisha –  Facebook | SoundCloud

Now we mellow out together, given the cool wind outside and the rain on the window.  There’s some heat in this particular chill piece of the musical pie.  There’s also a hot Hip Hop beat with some beautiful Rhodes style piano.  Then there is the super sexy piano elements — tasty.  Add in the soft sweet vocals by Tequisha – buttery smooth.  The back half of the track is an absolute jam.  Fireplace crackles… and I feel the warmth of the blankets… now just cuddle with the lights set to a warm hue.  Beauty!

3. Find Yourself Eskai & SNR ft. Jhana

Eskai – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud || SNR –  Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud || Jhana –  Facebook | Twitter || Medii –  Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

So… Black Hole Recordings is always welcome in my inbox.  Supplied via my YouTube subscription to their promotional channel, this brought back my sunny skies in the dead of winter.  The vocals here are soulfully delivered and luckily not over the top.  Medii, on remix duties here, takes all the elements and rolls them into a stunning package.  The lyrics “When you find yourself, know that I’ll be standing here // maybe you could lead the way while the world around us fades // fades away” really hit home in the stillness of the colder months.  Then Medii brings the warmth with a beautifully produced drop and huge basslines. Infectious doesn’t begin to describe the beginnings of this track’s flavors.

2. Alpha Shear Schala

Schala – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

So yes, Progressive never really leaves me… and I couldn’t go without posting something I found stellar that’s flying under the radar.  Schala released some cool stuff last year on Enhanced, and this release looks to keep the style firmly placed on the high-end of the spectrum.  The beauty of the melody in the break is golden, though fairly basic.  The rolling bass line, the stabs of the melody in the break, combined with the subtle use of piano makes this one a bonafide dance-floor groove.  Spirit fingers and hip shakes at groove factor 10, please!

1. Go Back Home FKJ

FKJ – Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

To close out my birthday week Launch segment, I chose to go with someone who never stops impressing me.  FKJ, aka French Kiwi Juice, was first on my radar during some licensed content through TheSoundYouNeed.  The particular track, out on Rouch Musique, strikes everything I love by his production style.  The chopped vocal triggers, the sexy bass line sweeps, and the breakbeat backing percussion all pull together the track into something sweet to digest.  The classic vocal line, “I don’t want to go back home // I don’t wanna go back alone” is perfect for the time of release for this track.  As we approach the Valentine’s Day holiday, it perfectly intertwines the dread of feeling alone in the commercialized mood perpetuated by society’s expectation.

Well, that winds down this selection from me.  Happy 32 years of living to me!  I hope you enjoyed this edition of The Launch and found something new to love, if you did, leave us a comment below!

MyStro's been embedded for years in dance music industry - finding the passion during the early years of the internet when in 6th grade. Since the passion began, he's done a bit of everything - DJed in Ibiza, promoted and thrown his own parties, VJed, created promotional material, worked A&R for labels, and of course, wrote for blogs. Now he is here with EDM Identity, ready to make waves with his honest and unique perspective honed through years of varied experiences in the industry.