Mind Vortex Shall We Begin?

Legends are not assembled, they are forged – from quality parts and hard work. 

The legendary RAM Records continues to forge into 2017 with the aptly titled “Shall We Begin” by Mind Vortex.  The first of a four track EP, the duo is ready to mark the year in fine fashion after a quiet 2016.

“Shall We Begin” aptly reflects its title.

It’s a wonderfully orchestrated, energetic track that fires on all cylinders.  The introduction is a simple craftwork that recalls a bootup sequence – slowly winding up the energy in an almost cinematic fashion.  From the onset of the vocal line “Initializing Start Sequence” and the bass stab that follows, you know a ride is going to be at full speed.  During this start-up sequence, other vocals drop in like “Calibrating Speakers,” “CPU Engaged,” “Mainframe Activated,” “Authorizing Bass Reflex System,” “Bass Engine Loading,” and “Launching Jump System.”  All point to the drop being massive.

Then the song cuts to its namesake vocal line, delivered with a touch of venom and evil.  It is stunning, and the break could have held a second longer in my opinion.  Really let it drip the dark mood if you get my meaning.  In full swing goes the deep squeal of the bass, strong percussion, and an in your face synth stab that overwhelms the ears with power.

Not one element feels out-of-place, though.

The gents behind “Shall We Begin” – Mind Vortex

The break brings back the bass stab from the introduction while blending the frantic running melodic synths – building tension and the key shift slide to a frenzy until the namesake vocal drops, and we are back running at full-bore with solid energy.

There’s little here that is truly groundbreaking for certain – but the track masterfully pulls all the right strings to bring together a solid tune.

This is admittedly a back to the middle 2000’s style of Drum & Bass I absolutely loved – energetic, without clutter, and one I remember more than a few times dancing the night away to.  This is a track that infects the listener with a fusion of command and oomph. It harkens the spirit to the energy that’s made RAM Records famous – and a solid welcome into the new year.  It is glad tidings to see the label in good form and to see Mind Vortex delivering back in the game.

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