The Launch || Volume 014

The Launch

Welcome to The Launch, EDM Identity’s weekly playlist series made up of fresh tracks that we love.

Music connects each and every one of us, whether you are listening to trance, house, dubstep, or any other genre, we are all one with the beat. Exploring new genres and a crucial element to falling deeper in love with music and opening doors to new experiences in life. Every week we will be taking you on a journey of musical discovery, highlighting five new tracks that we are currently tuned ito. To start the year off properly, this week features the second special edition of The Launch in a back-to-back series presented to you by… Grace Backer & Connor Taylor.

Grace’s Blurb

This week is all about the remixes and VIP’s, all providing great new takes on already hugely popular original tracks. Putting a worthwhile spin on tracks that many already know and love isn’t easy, but these artists were able to get us hooked by adding something fresh and exciting while staying true to the aspects we love about the original tracks. This week we have you covered with lots of high-energy bass music that will get your new year started off with a bang!

Connor’s Blurb

Grace and I are excited to bring you our second back-to-back edition of The Launch. This week’s list features the remaining five songs from our “Top 10” list that we compiled with last week’s edition. It features a heavy emphasis on bass music and highlights a lot of what we’re currently jamming to. Hope you enjoy!

The Launch || Volume 014

Getter & Ghastly - 666! (Getter VIP)
5. 666! (Getter VIP) – Getter & Ghastly

Getter Facebook SoundCloud || Ghastly – Facebook | SoundCloud

“666!” has been one of our favorite tracks since it dropped a couple of months ago, and Getter’s VIP might even be better than the original. He slows it down a bit and reworks the crazy aspects of the original that we love. This track has so many different elements to it, each drop and lead-in different from the next, making for a one-of-a-kind listening experience. In classic Getter-fashion, he comically ends the track abruptly with “Wa-wa-wait stop the song it’s 4:20.”

Check out our featured interview with Ghastly HERE!

Illenium - It's All On U (T-Mass & LZRD Remix)
4. It’s All On U (feat. Liam O’Donnell) (T-Mass & LZRD Remix) – Illenium

T-Mass – Facebook | SoundCloud || LZRDFacebook | SoundCloud || IlleniumFacebook | SoundCloud

We were so excited to see that Illenium, one of our favorite artists, finally released a remix package from his Ashes EP. The remix that stood out the most to us was T-Mass and LZRD’s spin on It’s All On U. The remix keeps with Illenium’s basic melody throughout the song, but changes up the drop, giving the track a fresh new take.

Slander - Dead (NGHTMRE Remix)
3. Dead (NGHTMRE Remix)  Slander

NGHTMRE –  Facebook | SoundCloud || SlanderFacebook | SoundCloud

NGHTMRE and Slander are quite the dream team, creating countless tracks together and often remixing each other’s music. This time around NGHTMRE puts a more melodic spin on Slander’s already widely acclaimed track, Dead. Staying with the format of the original, NGHTMRE creates two distinct drops for the song, the second a little less heavy. Most recently, they just finished their hugely successful “Gud Vibrations” tour, playing a high-energy b2b set at each stop.

Check out our write-up on the remix of “Dead” HERE!

Enigma ft. GRRL PAL (Slumberjack VIP)
2. Enigma (feat. GRRL PAL) (VIP) – SLUMBERJACK

SLUMBERJACK –  Facebook | SoundCloud

Slumberjack has us covered in the heavy department– their Enigma (VIP) hits hard with a bass drop that I see making appearances in many trap and bass sets in the future. GRRL PAL’s soft, beautiful vocals start the track off soft, then drums build up the song until we’re hit with a crazy bass drop.

1. Anywhere (Luca Lush Remix) – Dillon Francis

Luca Lush –  Facebook | SoundCloud || Dillon Francis Facebook | SoundCloud

Dillon Francis’s track Anywhere has been all over our playlists since it dropped this summer, and this month Luca Lush gave us a fresh new take that still keeps with the fun beat and vocals of the original. The synth progression makes the original a bit more upbeat and exciting. I see big things in the future for Luca Lush–his remixes and flips always give a unique and captivating twist, and his live performances are full of passion.

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