The Launch || Volume 011

The Launch

Welcome to The Launch, EDM Identity’s weekly playlist series made up of fresh tracks that we love.

Music connects each and every one of us, whether you are listening to trance, house, dubstep, or any other genre, we are all one with the beat. Exploring new genres and a crucial element to falling deeper in love with music and opening doors to new experiences in life. Every week we will be taking you on a journey of musical discovery, highlighting five new tracks that we are currently tuned in to. This week’s edition of The Launch is presented to you by…Matt Schaitel – aka MyStro.

MyStro’s Preamble:

Proving I’m not a single genre listener to people is often difficult.  I’m just so in tune with Trance and Progressive music that it seems like I listen to it exclusively.  News flash – my first DJ gig was a back to back Drum & bass set! I know – CRAZY! Honestly, I’m a lover of all forms of electronic music.  This one is a mixture of sounds – Drum & Bass touches three of the tracks in my selection in some form, there’s a House track that struck me as fantastic, and yeah, there is one Trance tune.  Take the journey; weave a sonic story.

The Launch || Volume 011

5. Moondance Whiney

Whiney FacebookSoundCloud | Twitter

Rising talents are nothing new for Hospital Records darling sub-label Med School Music, and Will Hine, aka Whiney, is poised for an impressive debut.  His upcoming EP on the aforementioned sub-label titled Stranger Tides looks to be a success.  Releasing next year in February, it’s now available for pre-purchase.  Full-length cuts can be found on YouTube promoting the EP’s upcoming release, and this one caught my ear.  The intro is stunning, utilizing a pluck in line with a lute, and smooth up-tempo drum patterns.  There is no frantic energy here – as Liquid Drum and Bass is always groove focused.  The bass line work is equally stunning.  There’s also this triplet melody that just instantly grabs the ear too.  Infectious indeed!  Dive deep on #5 this week.

Check out the full version of “Moondance” on YouTube:

4. Europa – Tangle ft. Suzy Solar

Tangle – Facebook | Twitter  | Suzy Solar –  Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

“Europa” brings two US Trance producers together for a very cool collaboration.  Florida-based, female, Trance veteran Suzy Solar and Colorado-based, male Trance producer Tangle strike up the heavens with “Europa.”  Released 05 December, the track is as an energetic as you’d expect a signing on Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s label Universal Nation.  The vocal line “Europa” blends the transitions of the track time and again, until ultimately a revelation of the full vocal occurs — advertising solar system tours no less!  There are touches of Psy-Trance in the synthesizer selections, and the piano in the build gives a stunning juxtaposition to the beats and fury of energy below it.  The breakbeat section is a great throwback touch, and watch for the secondary break… it is a dooooosssseeeeeyyyyy! The track as a whole just blends so well.  It’s what you want in Trance without being completely cliché about it at all.  Get up and dance your pants off!

Check out the full version of “Europa” on YouTube:

3. I Used To Love You Jack Wins ft. Francci Richard

Jack WinsFacebook SoundCloud | Twitter

I first heard “I Used To Love You” during a recent set on Laidback Luke’s Vlog about what a DJ does in the booth. This track from Jack Wins has all the hallmarks of classic House.  It is simple but brilliantly produced, and it melds traditional style with a blend of the modern.  The back beat is instantly nostalgic to the House of the 1990’s, but the horn work and cutting up of the vocals is seriously modern.  What grabs me most isn’t the great vocal by Francci, but how it all melds into one – blending modern style with simple and effortless dancing.  Infectious for the right reasons, I can’t say I used to love this song… because I still do love.  Bella!

Check out “I Used To Love You” on YouTube:

2. Babylon Prepare – Urbandawn

Urbandawn –  Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Nasty, grungy Drum & Bass lost me for quite some times – but something about “Babylon Prepare” grabs me again.  There’s a filth in its distortion, but the elements jive wonderfully.  It’s part of Urbandawn’s début long play – Gothenburg Cluster – and showcases why Hospital Records is so keen on the São Paulo producer.  The jet engine/bomb dropping effects build a beautiful semblance of tension, juxtaposing the chimes at the high-end.  The old school siren makes an appearance in the background, and the drop is a pure onslaught.  Expect this one to boom out of the sub-bins at night clubs. BOH BOH BOH!

Stream the full version of “Babylon Prepare” on YouTube:

1. The Only One Mark Sherry & Jamie Walker ft. Ross Ferguson

Mark Sherry –  Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud || Jamie Walker Facebook | Twitter SoundCloud || Ross Ferguson Facebook | Twitter SoundCloud

It may be a few weeks old now, but I’m still jamming to this unique track!  Mark & Jamie combine the beauty of a true-to-form Trance track with the frantic energy of Drum & Bass.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Breakbeats are nothing new for Trance or Drum & Bass, but outside of a select few, there are rarely musical pieces executed to the perfection of this tune, much less from a menagerie of collaborators.  Mark played it at Dreamstate SoCal 2016, and the crowd simply ate it up.  There is no way to adequately describe the track – it is mesmerizing, thoughtful, and beautiful.  It’s likely my tune of the year – as it breaks the rules while being so stunningly brilliant.  It’s not one thing… it is a handful of everything.  Close your eyes… just listen!

Check out “The Only One” on YouTube below:

MyStro's been embedded for years in dance music industry - finding the passion during the early years of the internet when in 6th grade. Since the passion began, he's done a bit of everything - DJed in Ibiza, promoted and thrown his own parties, VJed, created promotional material, worked A&R for labels, and of course, wrote for blogs. Now he is here with EDM Identity, ready to make waves with his honest and unique perspective honed through years of varied experiences in the industry.