Plastik Funk Gives You Some “Love & Affection”

Plastik Funk - Love & Affection

Plastik Funk is serenading the streets once again with their newest release “Love & Affection”, out now on Armada Deep. The release is not a moment too soon with spring in the air and festival season still in its infancy. This track’s bouncy beat and airy vocals make it the perfect summer jam that combines an edgy, tropical style with their classic house vibe. “Love & Affection” is a surefire summer dance hit whose groovy beat will evoke its listeners’ nostalgia for many seasons to come.

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Catch Plastik Funk on their Love & Affection Summer Tour in Europe!

Love & Affection Summer Tour

About Plastik Funk:

Plastik Funk is commandeered by Rafael Ximenez-Carrillo and Mikio Gruschinske, whose initial musical endeavors consisted largely of spinning hip hop, when they began collaborating together in high school. They eventually discovered their own distinct sound and have since been successfully generating tunes for nearly 15 years.  They’ve released previous hits such as “Here We Go” to Armada Deep, Armada Music’s deeper side, as well as “Tight” to Flamingo Recordings. Their global inspiration has given them broad, distinctive influence and continuously brings them to multinational stages. Some of the stops on their 2016 tour include Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Croatia.

Plastik Funk Love & Affection

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Gina relocated from monotonous central California to the damp, musically dense Pacific Northwest in 2009. Not long after, she became completely enveloped in the vibrant world of electronic dance music. Obsessed with the catharsis of dance and unparalleled sense of community, her life’s pursuit became attending as many live music events as possible. While she doesn’t limit her eclectic musical taste by any means, bass music is what most activates her tumultuous soul. Soon, within her grew the desire to become more involved and contribute to the community which has shown her interminable acceptance and purpose. In that pursuit, she began working with the artist relations teams at local powerhouse Foundation Nightclub and its parent company USC Events in Seattle. She’s now found a space where meaning and motivation converge and intends to embed herself as much as possible within those musical spaces.

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