Album Review || Nite x Loin Compilation

Nite x Loin Compilation

Nite Records has teamed up with fellow California label Loin Records to put together a compilation of house tracks that will keep the party going well into the night. The Nite x Loin Compilation samples a variety of house elements that will leave you grooving to the beat and not wanting the music to stop. It’s perfect music to dance, relax, or just simply vibe out to any time of the day or night. Take a listen to the album, close your eyes and just imagine that you’re at your favorite vacation destination or after hours club.

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Nite x Loin Compilation Track By Track:

HDSN – Dusty Dayz (Original Mix): With his love for harmonic grooves and raw drum rhythms, HDSN has brought his funkified rhythms to this compilation. Hailing from Manchester, United Kingdom, his track gradually introduces you his music with a crescendo leading into to some funky raw drum chords. The drum cords lead you into euphoric vocals. Definitely a great way to keep your feet dancing well into the night. As HDSN puts it, “some people call it house while others call it techno, I however call it music and life.”

Ghostea x Lubelski – Low Only (Original Mix): Both joining us from California, this duo brings us a unique take on house by introducing us with rhythmic drumbeats and simplistic hip vocals well thrown in. This beat will definitely keep your toes tapping and head bobbing through the night.

WANTS – Playin (Original Mix): WANTS brings Russian house to the table with a consistent drum beat setting the pace, and the funky vocals that add a distinguishable funk to the beat. Throughout this track, well placed rhythmic percussion is added.

Hairitage – Zero Gravity Cocktail (Original Mix): This track uses futuristic beats with what sounds like keyboard chords mixed with a few drumbeats. Hairitage also uses vocals from what sounds like a sixties futuristic broadcast and incorporates it into this mix of the future. Definitely makes me want to blast off into Zero Gravity.

MORT – The Beat (Original Mix): This was by far one of my favorite tracks from this compilation. Bringing his unique house music to Nite Records, MORT has been able to infuse a Caribbean drumbeat to this track. He also incorporated vocals to this already high intensity song to make you want to dance and move your feet. I love the feel that this track brings, that it truly does cater to ‘The Beat’

Sleepy Cat – Those Thugs (Original Mix): The vocals are what sets this track apart from the other tracks.  Apart from the multitude of percussion beats, the vocals has a thug quality to it.  I don’t know how to exactly describe it. With the combination of the vocals, drum beats as well as other elements, it has a funk feel to it.

The Quantum Theory – Chances (Original Mix): The Quantum Theory brings a soulful take on this track through the vocals.  The person who created the vocals for this has a euphoric quality about their voice.  Combined with the well placed drum rhythms and keyboard chords, this was a well mastered soulful track.

Passion Victim – Blind 2 The Facts (Original Mix): With Nite Records, I must say that this was the perfect song to end the EP with.  Passion Victim brings sense of movability into this song. It has a consistent beat to make me want to move my feet to the beat.  They bring you up while dancing forcing you to move your feet then when you reach the end it tapers off in a well placed decrescendo. Well played.

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