“Can’t Go Home” by Steve Aoki Out Now!

An awesome new hit single by Steve Aoki featuring Adam Lambert was released on March 25th on Ultra Music. The duo, who seemed to be an unlikely match, proved that pure magic is possible when you combine two completely separate worlds.

“Can’t Go Home” is a fun and unique dance-floor hit that reaches a wide variety of audiences. The track is co-produced by Felix Jaehn, mastermind behind OMI’s internationally renown track “Cheerleader.” The best part about having 3 completely different genres of music combining for this hit track is the fact that each artist had a fun time working with the rest of the group. Felix Jaehn remarked, ‘It’s been great fun to work with Steve Aoki and Adam Lambert on this record. Both are experts of their craft. Together we combined three styles in one record which makes it sound super fresh!”

Listen to Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn feat. Adam Lambert “Can’t Go Home” on SoundCloud:

This track starts right off right away with Adam Lambert’s silky voice reigning the listener in with passionate lyrics. I found myself already dancing in my seat 5 seconds into the song, eyes closed and headphones in as soon as I heard the song’s catchy tune picking up behind Lambert’s voice. By the time the refrain started, I knew that I had to share this track with as many people as possible. The single is extremely fun with an overlay of different melodies and catchy unique beat. I can totally see it being the anthem of a great night out shared with friends! The track is quick – so much so that I had to immediately play it on a repeat loop so that I could continue the “Can’t Go Home” experience. I found myself loving the instrumental piece and drum based riffs that were all tied together so neatly with Lambert’s lyrical smoothness.

With how things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if this musical trio of artists stays together to create even more greatness!

A movie about Steve Aoki will be at the Tribeca Film Festival, check it out HERE!

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