Docka Records Drops “Let Me Hit It” Ft. Snoop Dogg

Docka Records

Docka Records has just released a bouncy deep house track, “Let Me Hit It,” featuring vocals by Snoop D-o-double-g with a catchy double entendre and some seriously deep synth work. This track starts with a strong, steady beat like a Nina Las Vegas track, and then opens up with the cue of Snoop Dogg’s voice. My favorite part of the track is the increase of tempo after his verse, and wish there were some more lyrics following it. Docka Records did us a solid by also announcing some gnarly remixes of “Let Me Hit It,” by artists such as Contrvbvnd and HOTFIRE, who make the track into something truly big. The lyrics are used really well in the remixes, in a way that brings out quintessential Snoop. HOTFIRE’s remix uses the vocals from the verse, “you know it’s crackin’ like that/why you actin’ like that,” behind a really deep club track that’s a bit tech house-like. Overall, the remixes take the original from banging hard to nu-disco, ready for any club dance floor.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Docka Records is the story behind the 5 releases which have come out; they’re all parts of a fictional story about a character named “Docka,” and it develops with each track release! The Docka Records site has the entire segment compiled, as well as a brief description of who Docka is. He was sent from outer space to save electronic music on Earth from utter destruction.

Docka works with different human artists and elements to produce songs on Earth. The songs are transmission signals, sending messages back to his home planet so he can be rescued. The home planet is also Docka. The people don’t have names. They are all one. They are all Docka.”

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