This week’s Throwback jumps to fall of 2012, when Swedish house duo, Dada Life, dropped their album, “The Rules of Dada.” One of the biggest singles off of the album was “Feed The Dada,” which introduced fans to the land of dada. The single was a commonly heard party-track on the cusp of 2013 because it has the perfect blend of inspiring lyrics and a raging electro-house drop. Dada Life invites patrons and party-goers to the new sovereign nation of Dada Land, where the only rule is that “there are no rules,” and the energy is fueled by lots of champagne, bananas, and indisputable smiles. The single goes so hard in its own right, but there was even a remix EP for it, with remixes by Dyro and Dice Motion, spreading the influence of the land of Dada. The music video for “Feed The Dada” reveals a glimpse of this influence, where the citizens of Dada Land become possessed by the spirit of dada. Attending what initially looks to be a seminar, people in the room are compelled to feed the two members of Dada Life banana slices and become entranced with the irresistible urge to rage. Dada Life has brought the citizens of Dada Land together for several crazy occasions, including Dada Land: The Voyage and a Guinness World Record-breaking pillow fight at a show in Chicago!

Next weekend, Olle and Stefan bring Dada Land back to the people of Southern California for Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland! See what it means to be a citizen of the loud and proud nation of Dada Land, with several newer singles that have been released over the last few years. Expect to hear “Boing Clash Boom,” “Born to Rage,” featuring Sebastian Bach of Skid Row and “This Machine Kills Ravers.” Also keep on the lookout for some tunes from the recently created alter-ego, Dada Death.

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