Fred Falke: “It’s A Memory” Remix EP Released!

Fred Falke

Fred Falke is a French producer/artist and music-making veteran who’s most recent work is the “Alpha” EP, which came out late last year. The EP has that French Disco sound that feels like summer is looking at us, and many of the sounds come from Fred Falke himself. He’s such a truly legit bassist, and his experience in the funk really pops with the first track, “Radio Days,” which features “Shotgun” Tom Kelly over the music.  I personally love the French touch of pop, it’s so 80’s and is most stunning to me in “It’s A Memory,” the second song of the EP. For that particular track, he recruited the likes of LA’s ELOHIM and Mansions on the Moon which is what gives the song a feeling of being played by an eclectic pop band and its ethereal vocals. “It’s A Memory” also has a music video that was released just recently, with a connection to the video for the previous track, “Radio Days.”

The highlight of Fred Falke’s “It’s A Memory” is the remix EP, which was just released and contains remixes from Amtrac, Chrome Sparks, Oliver, and more. I first heard a couple of versions about a month ago when Fred Falke came to Los Angeles and played in the Mixmag Lab. You can check out that performance here, and look out for the remixes by Oliver and Ferdinand Weber while you’re grooving. Each remix offers a different journey for the track with a different treatment ranging from Amtrac’s deep spacey interpretation to Oliver’s mid-tempo pop version.

About Fred Falke

In a career that’s already spanned 15 years, producer, DJ, remixer and songwriter Fred Falke has been at the forefront of electronic music. Hailing from Toulouse, France, he fell into music almost by accident, learning the bass guitar after noticing that most bands seemed to have neglected hiring bassists, and learning the piano after his father and grandfather. He enrolled in a school of music in France to study jazz, moved to Hong Kong, and met fellow Frenchman Alan Braxe in a record-shop upon returning to Paris. Their classic, “Intro,” was released in 2000, defining French Touch music: a scene that also included the likes of Daft Punk and Cassius. Later, he worked at a UK-based pop lab, helping create forward-thinking pop songs for Ellie Goudling and Gossip. This most recent offering ALPHA also includes a dance floor burner “All Of My Love,” and the solid groove machine “Crepuscule” with great guitar licks courtesy of celebrated guitarist Brent Paschke. Keep up with Fred Falke because his second solo album will be released later this year.

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