Throwback Thursday to Tumblr – where blogging and photo surfing truly took off. I’ll admit, I had quite a few blogs myself. As time changed and my personality changed, I created new ‘Tumblrs’ to fit what I liked and how I felt in those stages. Of course I had my EDM blog, a favorite little piece of me hanging out on the Internet. It was here that I discovered yet another one of my favorite artists, Liquid Stranger, who never stops pushing boundaries. Today we’re bringing it back to 2010 when Martin Stääf’s drum and dubstep career took off.


“Don’t you play me like Nintendo. Do you think I’m your gameboy?”


Nintendo‘ is a creation of unique sounds that has always made me feel out of this world, like I was walking on the moon, bouncing along the craters and staring into the wide-open space. Liquid Stranger has a habit of adding slightly dark and ambiguous (and yes, a bit strange) vocals to most of his tracks. In this throwback, he uses Robotti to make a murky threat, but instead of fear, he drops into an abyss of polyphonic textured 140 bpm, forming an ambient soundscape steadily followed by deep drums. However, each piece of the puzzle seems to flow in perfect unison with his experimental excellence. If you listen closely to his music, his background shines dimly behind his melodic bass lines and addictive syncopation. This track belongs to his fourth album, ‘Mechanoid Meltdown‘, which like I mentioned previously, introduced his talent by engineering filthy, head banging beats that make you not just want, but need to groove. Though I’m sharing a song that was produced approximately six years ago, Liquid Stranger has been dabbling with sound and music since he was a child, and he has mastered the art of expressing the language we do not speak, but rather feel.

Liquid Stranger began in jazz and rock music, and he has since led an incredible path along the many different genres throughout the world and each of their cultures. He has taken time to enrich sounds from across the world, migrating along the nations and civilizations to execute a series of EPs, he is constantly searching for more inspiration that comes elsewhere from music. Yet is it obvious he has gained incredible knowledge from his nomadic experiences, from funky techno, to dirty reggae dub, to chill out electronica, he never ceases to amaze the international community of his followers. For over a decade, he has captivated a tight band of loyal listeners, patiently waiting for his next incomparable experiments and rhythms. And recently, Liquid Stranger finally unveiled his EP series, the Nomad Series. I believe that he has reached an immaculate level of understanding and passion and is sharing it with these tracks. A blend of styles, a blend of the world, Liquid Stranger has formed something no one has ever seen before. He transcends music by not limiting his taste, and finding appreciation from anything to cultivate it into a sound. As an unpredictable musical genius, Liquid Stranger is worth seeing live on his Rise of Wakaan tour now!

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