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J00F Recordings

J00F Recordings Redefined

After 18 years, John 00 Fleming has announced that he will be reorganizing and redefining his label, J00F Recordings. The current J00F V.2 will be replaced and separated into two categories: J00F Mantra and J00F AURA. Mantra will be focused on a psychedelic trance specific imprint whereas Aura will be more open and less Trance sub-genre specific. The change was prompted by artistic expressions of artists being released on the label. Rather than change and force the musicians on the label to produce a certain sound, J00F has decided to redefine the label itself instead.

Released on his Facebook page, Fleming has to say this about the reorganization:

The last few years have been exceptional for JOOF Recordings, as the label grows at a pace faster than we can keep up with. The amount of high quality music we’re discovering is becoming overwhelming, so much so that we were at full capacity with releases, in some cases having one every week. This is a position that I didn’t want to get myself in – we never treat the label like a factory, with a conveyer belt of releases. We take care with each and every one.

JOOF Recordings also reflects where I’m at musically and being a DJ that’s known to play extended sets, this takes me across many genres, so it makes complete sense to create sub-labels to focus on these specialist markets and create some continuity.

My Deep mixes on my Global Trance Grooves radio show have become a monthly ritual for thousands with ‘The Deep mix’ becoming a world renowned brand in its own right, with a cult following. It makes complete sense that JOOF has this specialist department to fully concentrate on ‘Deep Mix’ Esq. music, as this is where my heart truly lays. Our deep releases have already gained support from some of the greatest DJs on the planet; Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and more.” J00F Recordings will keep doing its thing, concentrating on high quality Trance music. All will be launched over the next few weeks as we go into 2016.

If you’d like a glance of what’s to come from J00F Aura, check out this mix “The Sound of J00F Aura“.


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