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SBCR Back To The Top Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo
Santa Bob Cornelius Rifo

SBCR (Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo), famously known for the visceral, frenzied live group The Bloody Beetroots, has taken to the holiday spirit by offering ‘Back To The Top’ as a free download! His new track with the tenacious TWNTYMLS is awesome. TWNTYMLS may be new to the scene, but his tracks drop as hard as the rest! So hang up the mistletoe and bring out some fresh baked cookies, because SBCR and TWNTYMLS is coming to town!

In an attempt to gift wrap a WAV file, Rifo delivers his gift with a message:

“As someone who still believes in Santa Claus and honors the tradition of giving and the spirit of Christmas, I have decided to make a gift for you all! It’s not exactly as soft as sweet-scented Christmas candy, but I think you will appreciate the amount of metal that we have put in there! So This is Christmas…no f*ck, So This is “Back to the Top” by SBCR & TWNTYMLS. Feliz Navidad. Santa Bob Cornelius Rifo, TWNTYMLS & The Glorious SBCR Team.”

Check Out Back To The Top:


Since debuting in spring 2015, SBCR has displayed his synth-laden, cinematic sound via two EPs on DIM MAK – SBCR & Friends Vol. 1 and SBCR & Adversaries Vol. 2. While The Bloody Beetroots remain an eclectic, rock-influenced live band, SBCR is Sir Bob’s solo performance project under which he releases electro, dance-punk productions. SBCR has always been dear to my heart, as tracks like ‘Warp’ and ‘Anacletus’ were one of the first tracks that got me into Electro and the electronic music scene to begin with. Rifo has also dropped bomb tracks on his solo journey; I loved his most recent EP, SBCR & Adversaries Vol. 2. My review of the EP is available HERE.

Back To The Top Review:

This track has a lot going on as usual for an SBCR track. This track starts out with a drum intro, as well as a rapid build up. The dance-punk rhythms are peppered throughout the track quite well. The rock elements are ever present and entwined with the synths. I couldn’t stop bouncing my head to the track as I listened. Back To The Top has some heavy dub elements mixed in, and doesn’t detract away from the upbeat nature of the track. I can’t wait for a live version of this track, this will definitely be a great track to listen to when he comes through again. Nothing but respect for Sir Rifo, TWNTYMLS and the track, it’s production is flawless as usual, the sound is crisp and I couldn’t hope for anything more! Thank you SBCR for this gift, cannot wait for the chance to return the favor someday.



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