Free Download || Miles Apart “Pilot”

Miles Apart have just released their debut track titled “Pilot,” that is now available for free download via TONEDEN. Listen and learn more about the track below.

“Pilot” is our first track, and it heavily focuses on the use of melodic progression through the use of layering instruments. The track is heavily emotional, but still makes you want to dance. We chose the title “Pilot” as a tribute to the beginning of our musical journey, as if it were the first episode with many more to come. – Kyle Zhu & Jorge Mejias of Miles Apart

About Miles Apart:
We live in an age where people from opposites ends of the world can connect and create art without ever having to meet face to face. Even though Jorge Mejias and Kyle Zhu live over 2,000 miles away from each other, they unite as Miles Apart, an electronic music duo that brings New York and California together with synergy. With heartfelt melodies, ambient samples, and bubbly hooks, Miles Apart transports their listeners to another world.

Connect With Miles Apart:

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