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Genius Loci

Genius Loci and Planet Buyback Team Up for July 4 Celebration

Celebrate the Fourth of July in San Diego with Cut Snake, Henry Pope, Dink!, and more as Genius Loci and Planet Buyback join forces!
Splash House August 2017

Five Artists That You Can’t Miss At Splash House August 2018!

The Splash House August 2018 lineup is too good to be true! Check out Grace's must-see artists to start planning your weekend. 
Cut Snake Dr. Um's Party Tutorial

Cut Snake Releases ‘Dr. Um’s Party Tutorial’ EP on Insomniac Records

Cut Snake have cornered the market on party planning with their brand new 'Dr. Um's Party Tutorial' EP, out today on Insomniac Records.
Upside Down House EDC Las Vegas

Six Artists To Flip You Upside Down at EDC Las Vegas

Insomniac Records is set to bring you some fire house beats at the Upside Down House during EDC Las...