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Category: Throwback Thursday

#TBT || Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth

Take it back to the year 2010 with Pretty Lights’ hit track “I Know The Truth”! This week’s #TBT, Pretty Lights‘ “I Know The Truth“, was the first EDM song I was ever shown back in 2010. The track has always held a special place in my heart being a combination of hip-hop and blues. Derek samples O.V. Wrights,  A Fool Can’t See The Light on this track. Derek has always been an innovator of music in my opinion though unfortunately, I feel he has fallen off a bit in the last couple of years. I have high hopes for the upcoming...

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#TBT || New Order- Blue Monday

Groove out to New Order’s timeless track, “Blue Monday”! For this week’s Throwback Thursday, I decided to take it way back to the 1980’s with New Order’s timeless track, “Blue Monday”. This is my go-to karaoke song and always gets the dive bar moving. It was originally released in 1983 as a 12-inch single and currently holds the record for the most 12-inch singles sold. The 2:00 intro starts simple with the iconic four-on-the-floor kick drum and then a driving techno Moog bass is brought in. From there, the song continues on in a similar fashion, with occasional lyrics and spacey synths. Mainly, it’s...

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#TBT || Justin Martin – Don’t Go

Five years later, Justin Martin’s Don’t Go is still a flawless showcase of his talent for producing memorable melodies. It’s Coachella week here at EDM Identity, and in honor of his appearance this weekend, I’m thrilled to showcase a track by one of my absolute favorite artists: Justin Martin. If you aren’t yet familiar with Justin Martin, now is a perfect time to remedy that. His unique approach to house music is often pensive, sometimes emotional, and always a lot of fun. Don’t Go is a perfect example of that signature sound, fusing a gorgeous harp riff over an introspective...

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#TBT || Eric Prydz – Call On Me

In honor of Eric Prydz at Factory 93 this weekend in Los Angeles, we bring you one of his most famous tunes! With all the different labels and genres that Eric Prydz makes, it’s hard to pick a favorite Prydz record. One of his most memorable records is “Call On Me”. This track is special not only for its progressive house sound that nods to the 1980s culture but has one of the most evocative music videos ever. A video featuring several 80s Flashdance dressed women and one guy doing “aerobics” with random booty shots. Essentially this video would be...

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#TBT || Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone

When you talk about tracks that are electronic music anthems, “Better Off Alone” is always in the discussion. So let’s turn the clock back to the year 1998 for a moment. The world was changing, the Y2K scare was beginning to cause a stir, and electronic music was reaching a new level of popularity that it hadn’t quite seen before. Dutch producers DJ Jurgen and Pronti & Kalmani combined forces to create the instrumental portion of the tune. Later, the vocals were added by Judith Pronk, giving life to a song that still finds its way into sets around the...

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#TBT || Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive

This week’s #TBT takes you back to 2015 with Duke Dumont’s hit track “Ocean Drive”! Just before you head down to Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival this weekend, why not take a little joy ride back down “Ocean Drive”. The Duke Dumont track that was first released back in 2015 on Blase Boys Club (P1) has become one of the electronic music world’s top anthems. The track has also received remixes dozens of times from other big name DJs and producers like Alison Wonderland, Shaun Frank, and Hayden James. Overall, though, this is one of those times that...

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