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Category: Throwback Thursday

#TBT || Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon, Above & Beyond’s masterpiece, still moves crowds to sing and dance nearly six years after its release. In light of the amazing experience that was shared by the Anjuna Family this past weekend at the Gorge Amphitheater for ABGT250, I’m thrilled to bring everyone back to that blissful state of mind with a track that holds a special place in all of our hearts: “Sun & Moon” by Above & Beyond. Released in 2011 by Anjunabeats as the first single from their Group Therapy album, “Sun & Moon” is quite possibly the track that put Above...

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#TBT || Above & Beyond – On My Way To Heaven

With #ABGT250 on the horizon, we look back at one of Above & Beyond’s most beloved tracks, “On My Way To Heaven”! First and foremost, full disclosure that Above & Beyond have a permanent place in my heart and have seriously made my life better with their music. While I haven’t been listening to them since the very beginning, I had really tuned in fully towards the end of the Tri-State era and haven’t looked back since. When I listen to most every track from Above & Beyond it always stirs up some sort of emotion inside me, but few...

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#TBT || Diplo and Tripledouble – AEIOU Vol. 2

AEIOU Vol. 2 Celebrates its ten year anniversary this September. Before Diplo was a pop icon making songs about “bubble butts,” he was cracking mixes of rare and not so rare breaks. He teamed up with Tripledouble to bring you the perfect example of this in “AEIOU Vol. 2”. The tracklist (which is not easy to find) features over 80 tracks, 22 of which are untitled and unreleased. One mark of a good DJ is not being able to find the songs in their mixes. This mix will surprise most people and really show the talent Diplo had to...

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#TBT || Outkast – Ghetto Musick (Benny Benassi Remix)

This week’s #TBT takes us back to 2004 with “Ghetto Musick”, an infectious dance floor stunner from a man who owns the rights to the electro crown! There are some tunes that we will forever gravitate to, that never grow old and never cease to provoke a smile every time we hear the beat. They are the tracks that linger in our minds as faithful reminders of dance music’s broad range and eclectic character. For this week’s #TBT, I have chosen “Ghetto Musick”, a track that helped to inspire my love for electro from an artist that helped pave...

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#TBT || Deadmau5 – The Veldt

In honor of Deadmau5’s announcement as one of Countdown NYE’s headliners, let’s go back to my favorite track of his, “The Veldt.” Released in 2012 on Ultra Records, right at the peak of Deadmau5’s popularity and electronic music’s first move into the mainstream, “The Veldt” represents one of my favorite eras of dance music. “The Veldt” is one song that I can listen to over and over again and never grow tired of it. It was one of the very first electronic songs I ever listened to, and to this day its melody and vocals are some of the sweetest...

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#TBT || Hybrid – Finished Symphony

“Finished Symphony” represents that delicious place where electronic and orchestral meet and creates beautiful music. The year is 1999 and Hybrid, a Welsh duo (Mike Truman and previous band member Chris Healings) release one of the most moving pieces of music to have graced the electronic world. “Finished Symphony” is an unbelievable piece that combines house elements with breaks layered with string instruments. The track comes from their album Wide Angle, which is a deep and groundbreaking work of art. To some, it’s release set into motion the genre of “progressive breaks”. “Finished Symphony” begins with a with a slow...

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