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Category: ID Spotlight

ID Spotlight: Marisa Okano

Music has always played a major role in shaping my sense of identity. As a kid growing up in L.A. and appreciating pop-punk in the early ’00s, I admired the offbeat personal style of the female musicians I bumped on repeat (i.e. Gwen Stefani’s hot pink hair dye, Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8r Boi”-era striped armwarmers). As a pre-teen, I spent a monthly allowance on music merch of all kinds (old school, pre-kandi Hot Topic was my everything!). My ultimate goal was to emulate the edgy aesthetic of my rock chick role models, hoping it would make me look and feel...

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ID Spotlight: Emily Tran

I dont know if I ever ‘started’ with the electronic scene, I always felt as if if was a part me, a new chapter to discover with each moment as I got older, hopefully a little wiser. I remember being a kid and growing up, not having many friends, being bullied for never having the cool clothes, not liking whatever pop star hollywood had spawned out for the month, never understanding kids my age. I understood pixels, bright colors and 8 bit sounds pulsating from my Nintendo 64, those were my friends. I did not have much else, just those pixels bouncing around on screen. I gained friends and notoriety with the anime and gaming scene, and that was my first encounter which  would end up being the rest of my life. The game was called DDR or Dance Dance Revolution. It was an imported Japanese dance game took over my life, and was the introduction to shaping who I would become in the rave scene, 2004. I remember countless Friday nights, the arcade would be packed and there we were, geeks without a home. The colors, the upbeat fast paced tempo of happy hardcore or UK hardcore, the camaraderie with like minded friends, the phat pants, the glow sticks the sleepless nights. We were the small rave culture brewing in southern California. At the time we didn’t have much just the sound of the...

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ID Spotlight: Andrew Krause

I have been obsessed with music all of my life. I started as we all do, as a fan and listener. One of the first birthday presents I can remember was a CD player. It had a tape recorder built into it, that allowed you to record songs from a CD. My friends and I would make compilations of songs we liked onto tapes, which were in a way, my first mixes ever. I started playing guitar after years of piano lessons, and rock was always one of my most listened to genres. Some of my favorite bands are...

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ID Spotlight: Lorena Garcia

I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I let some friends convinced me to go to Together As One at the end of 2009.  I had many preconceived notions about raves and I wasn’t nearly as pumped about going as my friends were.  I didn’t know anybody on the lineup and I didn’t know what to wear.  That night felt like the start of any other night out with my girls, up until we got off the car. You could just feel the energy in the crowd. That night my friends made sure I had a...

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ID Spotlight: Chris Howell

Hello fellow ravers! My name is Chris, my rave name is AcutePuppy, and I would like to share my EDM Identity with you! I first got into the scene about 3 years ago. A friend of mine showed me the lineup to Day of the Dead 2011 and at the time I did not know very many of the artists so I was skeptical on attending. What made the lineup for me was that Knife Party was there and since I listened to so much Pendulum I was sold on going. At that same event my world changed when...

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ID Spotlight: Maggie Kern

I first discovered Electronic Dance Music in July of 2008 when I was working at a club in North Park, San Diego. The club was open from 4pm-4am, but would be virtually empty until about 10:30. During our down time, Joe the DJ would play random songs off of his personal playlist, which consisted mostly of deep house and techno mixes from every artist under the sun, including tracks he created himself. Every day I would try to make a mental list of all the cool songs I heard, and try to download them at home. By the time...

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