Five Memorable Moments From Okeechobee 2022

Okeechobee 2022
Photo Credit: Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

The five-year anniversary of Okeechobee was nothing short of special and we’ve compiled a list of our most memorable moments.

Festival season has been kicked off properly thanks to Insomniac and everyone involved in the five-year anniversary of Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival. From the moment everyone stepped foot onto the grounds at Sunshine Grove, positive energy radiated. The multi-day festival hosted a diverse lineup of talent fit for all music tastes with artists ranging from REZZ and GRiZ to Megan Thee Stallion and Tame Impala taking the stage.

Okeechobee not only exemplified a wide range of talent across many genres of music but also brought art to life in so many forms. One of the standout pieces was the CharlesTheFirst mural that was prominently displayed, and the festival hosted activities like Yogachobee each morning to give attendees the option to express mindfulness and art through movement. All-in-all Okeechobee was an inclusive experience for anyone who treasures art and its many forms.

To help attendees reminisce on their experience and spark the interest of those who couldn’t make it, we’ve broken down five moments that made this year truly remarkable. Check it out below and share your favorite memories in the comments.

Five Memorable Moments at Okeechobee 2022

Photo Credit: Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events
Photo Credit: Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

Lab Group at The Here Stage

After the loss of beloved Lab Group member, CharlesTheFirst, the two other members, Potions and Supertask, put on one of the most beautiful sets of the weekend. The visuals during the set were absolutely breathtaking and powerfully moving as they mixed original CharlesTheFirst and Lab Group tracks to leave the crowd speechless. This set had every person in attendance shedding a tear and singing their hearts out. There was no better exemplification of the lasting mark CharlesTheFirst made on the scene than during this performance, and Lab Group deserves immense recognition for their set.

Okeechobee 2022
Photo Credit: Lauren Decanio for Insomniac Events

Drag Queen Bingo Brunch With Muzzy Bear

What could be better than brunch with funky tunes, drag, and bingo? Muzzy Bear and friends kicked the morning of the third day off in the most fun of ways as part of Okeechobee’s interactive activities. While other experiences were also plenty of fun, this one landed at the top of our list because the feeling of inclusion and freedom to express was at an all-time high. The energy flowing at the top of the morning set the stage for the rest of the third day of the festival – and we hope to see it return in the future.

Okeechobee 2022
Photo Credit: Kasey Fillmore for Insomniac Events

Drum and Bass Dominating the Incendia Stage

To close out the festival on the final day, drum and bass rang through the grove. Although the genre is deeply rooted in the dance music scene, it’s been a fairly rare occurrence to see it have such a strong presence at a multi-stage festival quite as it did at the Incendia Stage this year.

The Incendia became the perfect space for underground talent and for artists to let their creativity flow throughout the weekend. Okeechobee proved their love for the culture by hosting late-night drum and bass sets from artists including Nik P, Kumarion, Delamoon, and kLL sMITH, with each artist impressing the crowd and keeping energy levels high until the early hours of the morning.

Okeechobee 2022
Photo Credit: Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

Of The Trees at Sunset on Aquachobee Beach

Nestled on the beach, the Aquachobee stage is not only a mood by day, but the sun setting on the horizon as bass bumps created a magical experience for anyone who attended a set there. While other artists like Chee, DJ Harvey, and Integrate took over the decks during Okeechobee there, the set that stood out the most was from Of The Trees who played there on Friday.

This sunset set was extra special as Of The Trees gifted the crowd with plenty of fantastic tunes to dance away to in the sand. As the sun began to dip on the horizon the vibes could be felt in full force by everyone in attendance, which made it clear that he was the perfect artist to guide us all into the evening hours.

Okeechobee 2022
Photo Credit: Brian Hensley for Insomniac Events

Sven Väth’s Seven Hour, Vinyl-Only Set at Jungle 51

History was made on the final night of Okeechobee 2022 as evolutionary electronic producer Sven Väth closed out the festival with a seven-hour set at the profound Jungle 51 stage. Located in the depths of a mini forest filled with palm trees, lasers, and aesthetically pleasing lighting, this stage was also the only one that went until 5AM every night of the festival – and Sven Väth surely made good use of that time.

Taking control of the decks after a three-hour performance from Nastia and a two-hour set from Dandy Jack, Sven Väth flexed his own skills as a tastemaker throughout the seven-hour ride. Adding to the mystique of the performance, he bucked the current trend of digital beats by spinning it entirely on vinyl only and made quite a statement for anyone who was able to join in on the ride. It was an iconic performance for the ages and truly set our souls on fire.

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