Meow Wolf Denver Reveals New Dance Party at Convergence Station

Meow Wolf Denver Convergence Station

Meow Wolf Denver reveals upcoming shows at Convergence Station and teams up with Live Nation for THE PARTY PORTAL – Danceportation.

Since opening its doors in September 2021, Meow Wolf Denver has welcomed a colorful array of artists, art lovers, and aliens alike to the Convergence Station. This immersive venue offers a one-of-a-kind experience as visitors enter a portal that takes them to another dimension. Now, Meow Wolf is looking to expand their offerings even further by partnering with Live Nation for THE PARTY PORTAL – Danceportation on February 26.

Starting at midnight, THE PARTY PORTAL – Danceportation will feature nine DJs across three stages across Meow Wolf’s different worlds, which will include their own venue, The Perplexiplex. Opening the night will be Colorado natives, Collin McKenna, L.A. Zwicky, and Peer Review, followed by performances from Absolute, Acemo, Ash Lauryn, Chloe Caillet, DJ Minx, and DJ Python.

Partnering with the Live Nation team aligns so well with the vision of Meow Wolf events, bringing the most relevant music and live events in a unique and impactful immersive experience, Together, we will level up Denver’s already vibrant music scene.

Alex Bennett; General Manager of Convergence Station

This budding partnership with Live Nation will allow Meow Wolf Denver to introduce more experimental shows, festivals, and events in the future as well. Additionally, that’s not the only party that is set to take place at The Perplexiplex over the next few months as other artists such as Random Rab, Giorgia Angiuli, The Fungineers, ATTLAS, Ross From Friends, and more will take the stage.

Tickets for THE PARTY PORTAL – Danceportation are available now via Meow Wolf’s website for anyone who is 21+. Check out the lineup and the list of forthcoming events hosted by Meow Wolf Denver and let us know if you’ll be making it to this unique space.

The Party Portal – Danceportation Lineup

Meow Wolf Party Portal - Danceportation Lineup

The Perplexiplex – Upcoming Events

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