Beatport Expands in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States


With a growing dance music scene in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Beatport looks to inspire the next generation of talent.

Beatport is a recognized industry leader in the dance music community as a platform that offers essential products and services to producers around the world. Over the years, the online store has provided programs to help kick-start the careers of aspiring artists and empower rising talent as well. Now, Beatport has set its sight on expanding its ability to communicate with even more artists in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States with their latest announcement.

Beatport’s specialized launch in the Russian market is expected to encourage creativity among local artists and fans, and as well as develop relations regardless of geolocation. The company’s initiative aims to target young DJs with potential by organizing educational events, masterclasses, and showcases to help spark more creativity.

We are keenly aware of the growing electronic music and DJ scene in Russia and the surrounding countries and hope to nurture new local artists and their fans through our expansion into these areas.

Robb McDaniels, CEO of Beatport

To further heighten opportunities and empower users, Beatport will maximize its impact on social networks such as Telegram (Channel and Chat) and VK. This will allow subscribers to influence the activities of the platform, regardless of border confines, and further enhance the ability of artists to be creative. This includes a Russian version of the Beatport Online Store and Beatport LINK, as well as a new tier of pricing for the Beatport Plan

New customers are encouraged to sign up with the online store before January 4 to reap the benefits of Beatport’s ‘More Music More Savings’ coupon, valid from January 7-11, 2022, for the Russian and CIS countries. 

Make sure to checkout the Beatport website and follow them on social media for the latest developments on this initiative and its other services.

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