Get The Lowdown on Dillon Nathaniel’s ‘Simple Minded’

Dillon Nathaniel - Simple Minded

Dillon Nathaniel digs into the production behind his and Saffron Stone’s new two-track EP, Simple Minded, on Sola and more.

Dillon Nathaniel is an artist who displays incredible technical talents and consistently showcases his affinity for producing house heaters. His music has won over the hearts of fans near and far, while also earning him appearances across labels like Tchami’s CONFESSION, Oliver Heldens’ Heldeep, Insomniac Records, and more. With a tour in progress alongside MK across the United States, Dillon Nathaniel is well on his way to making an even bigger imprint on fans and new listeners alike.

More recently, Dillon Nathaniel teamed up with Saffron Stone to release a two-track EP, Simple Minded, on Sola. Beginning with the titular “Simple Minded,” it’s an instant pull from everyday life. Dressed from the beginning to the end with mesmerizing palpitations, bold synths, and Saffron Stone’s own drawing vocals, the song illustrates the pair’s synergy and sorcery. Then the EP makes a seamless transition to “Inside,” which pulses with grittier elements and heavily leans into the tech side of house. It’s a gratifying experience with bass so deep it can be felt in the depths of your core.

To celebrate the new release on Sola, Dillon Nathaniel gave us a rundown behind the collaboration with Saffron Stone. But first, check out the EP on Spotify, or stream the songs via your favorite music platform!

Stream Dillon Nathaniel, Saffron Stone – Simple Minded on Spotify:

Getting into your latest release, let’s start from the beginning. How did you and Saffron Stone meet? What brought on the collaboration?

We actually have never met before but I was always a big fan of her sound and her DJ skills. We hit it off after messaging and started sending song ideas back and forth. A few sessions later we finished the tunes pretty effortlessly. Saffron actually did all of the vocals for the EP as well.

Since it was your first time collaborating with each other, and you decided to go with a darker sound from your usual songs, technically or mentally speaking, what kind of changes did you see in the way you approach music?

I always tend to lean towards the edgier or darker side of tech house. I think when we did decide on basslines it brought out that sort of energy so it was cool to sit down and find sounds to expand on from there. Some of the sounds we ended up making were very techno inspired as well especially for “Simple Minded.”

Because the EP was produced during the pandemic, I know you haven’t had the chance to formally meet. Did producing remotely present any challenges to either of you? How’d that affect your process?

I think with modern technology it is fairly easy to collaborate remotely. I think it even takes the pressure off of all the small talk you do in person. It would however be nice to meet her officially and see what we can make in the studio in person!

You’ve released music on the Sola for over a year now. How have you seen yourself grow with the label?

My first EP was Do It Again back in November of 2019. Since then I have definitely grown into the producer I have always wanted to be. I am very thankful for the support of the Solardo boys and Sola. They have always pushed me to be original and think outside of the box.

2021 has really flown by. Do you have anything on the horizon to close out this weird year?

I do have a couple of singles that are collaborations as well as a two-track solo EP that I am very excited for! I’m also stoked to join my big bro MK on his tour this weekend.

Lastly, what advice would you give to artists who are looking to make their way into the scene?

Don’t give in to the trends. To be uniquely you is to follow what your heart and soul truly want. Don’t listen to anyone who says your taste in music isn’t “cool.”

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