Mazoulew Spins a Mix That Will Keep You Cool


London-based DJ and producer Mazoulew showcases his tastemaking abilities by crafting up a beautiful mix for the This is Home series.

Mazoulew is no stranger to producing ethereal soundscapes that transport listeners to alternate worlds. The rising producer has been consistently releasing music since the early 2010s and has worked alongside some of the UK’s most influential artists. In 2018, Mazoulew turned his energy to his solo productions and released his debut EP, Pangea, in which he fully steps into his sound. The EP is brimming with organic elements layered upon fluttery synths and groove-inducing basslines that will have you floating in ambient bliss.

Named by BBC Radio as “One To Watch,” he continued to bring warm sounds to life with singles “Ditto” and “Tourist” from his upcoming EP Movements. “Ditto” is a hypnotic track that strikes an impeccable balance between ambient and melodic vibes while “Tourist” is more cinematic led by the emotional strokes of a piano. Each track paints a very different world and showcases Mazoulew’s knack for creating evocative music and soundscapes. The latter is displayed prominently in the mix Mazoulew put together for our This is Home mix series.

In this exclusive mix, Mazoulew hand-picks and weaves together a plethora of tracks that will slowly entrance you with their melodic feel. Beginning with one of his own productions, “Overture” gently woos listeners into the mix with its cinematic strings before dropping into a dreamy Jungle remix by Pedestrian. The vibe continues as Mazoulew builds a world within the mix with ambient tracks like Bonobo’s “Cirrus” and Maya Jane Coles’ “Other Side.”

This exclusive mini mix is a collection of artists and songs that I have been listening to at the moment.

A lot of these tracks remind me of being in London, headphones on and being on the move to the pulse of the city.


If you need an easy-listening mix to start off your week look no further than this beautiful mix! Listen to “Ditto” and “Tourist” from Mazoulew’s upcoming EP, Movements, on your favorite platform and dive into the full mix for This is Home below!

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